Where was Losing Alice filmed? Filming Locations & Cast

Losing Alice is a neo-noir thriller series written by Sigal Avin whose story moves around Alice, an ambitious 47 years old woman director who becomes obsessed with a young screenwriter after meeting on a train.

However, it is not based on a true story but rather inspired by a German folklore tale of Faust about selling your soul to the devil in exchange for magical powers and knowledge. But a soul definitely worth more than that. Now, let’s find out the horror places where this was filmed and who is in the cast?

Losing Alice Filming Locations

Losing Alice was filmed at various locations in Tel Aviv, Israel. The filming was completed on 25 October 2020 under Covid-19 guidelines.

Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv city is popularly known as the party capital of the Middle East with lively nightlife, charming landscapes, and home for several famous movie productions.

Other famous movies filmed at this location were Rambo III by Sylvester Stallone, A Tale of Love and Darkness, Jesus Christ Superstar, Exodus, etc.

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Ayelet Zurer as Alice

Ayelet is playing the role of Alice, the film director in the movie. You will find her casting in other TV series like Legacies, Daredevil, Transparent, Hostages, Taken, etc.

Lihi Kornowski as Sophie

Lihi is acting as Sophie, a 24-year old screenwriter with whom Ayelet gets obsessed and surrender her moral integrity. In that way, Alice give up her soul to Sophie in promise for gaining ultimate knowledge and greatness. You will find Lihi in other series as Kfulim, The Commune, Malkot, Very Important person, Summer Break Diaries, etc.

Gal Toren as David

Gal Toren is casting as David in Finding Alice TV-series. His other credits include in The Chef, Messiah, Sirens, Asylum City, Uri, and Ella, Sisters, Killing Grandma, etc.

Yossi Marshek as Tamir

Yossi is starring as Tamir. His other credits include in The Jews are coming, The Hood, Sleeping Bears, Split, Yellow Peppers, Confess, Kofiko, Hakol Dvash, New York, etc.

Losing Alice is currently streaming on Apple TV+ and new episodes are releasing on every Friday.

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