Where was ‘Possessions’ Filmed? Filming Locations & Cast

Possessions is a thriller series that moves around Nathalie who is accused of murdering her French husband. After this incident, she moved to Israel and find a French diplomat falls in love with her and listens to her full story. Now, they both are together in a chilling adventure with a mix of suspense, thriller, and mysteries. Let’s find out the filming locations where it filmed?

Possessions Filming Locations

Possessions filmed in various locations of Israel, primarily the Negev Desert. The shooting was started in the 3rd week of May and concluded in August 2019 in almost 3 months.

Palestine, Israel

Located in the eastern Mediterranean region, Palestine is one of the most beautiful tourist places. It comprises parts of modern Israel and Palestinian territories of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

Nadia posted a picture on her Instagram while travelling in Palestine. It was posted before the shooting started and this maybe another filming location for the Possessions.

Negev, Israel

This is a semi-desert area situated on the southern side of Israel. Its capital is Beersheba which is also the largest city of the Negev desert. You will find many scenes in the film that were shot here.

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Nadia Tereszkiewicz as Nathalie

Nadia is famous for playing the roles in Only the Animals, Persona non grata, Call My Agent, Father and the sons, Hurry, Wild, Another World, Duo Des Chats.

Reda Kateb as Karim

Reda Kateb is playing the role of Karim who is the French diplomat who gets attracted towards Nathalie in the Possessions. His other credits include Zero Dark Thirty(Ammar), Lost River(Cab Driver), Django(Django Reinhardt), A Prophet(Jordi), etc.

Other cast members include Dominique Valadie as Rosa, Judith Chemia as Johanna, Ariane Ascaride as Louisa, Tzahi Grad as Rafi, Noa Koler as Esti, Tcheky Karyo as Yoel, Aloise Sauvage as Jessica.


A French woman named Natalie is accused of killing her husband on the very evening of her wedding. His life changes when she finds a French diplomat who is helping her fighting every situation.

What do you think will there be Possessions Season 2? Currently, season 1 is available to stream on HBO MAX.

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  1. Shame on your website to misinform the people about Israel, this movie was filmed in Israel and not Palestine as you call it !!! You are either ignorant or absolutely antisemite and a BDS member!!!!!
    Despicable !!!!!
    I have visited Israel multiple times as a tourist and can assure you that the film location is ONLY in Israel!!!!

    • Hey dear,
      Thank you for correcting me.
      I can hear your words and understand your concerns.
      Mostly, it is based in Israel but some scenes were shot in Palestine.
      Although, the most popular entertainment news company THECINEMAHOLIC also mentioned Palestine in the filming locations.


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