Where was Fox’s Pivoting filmed? Cast & Plot Details

Pivoting is a 2022 comedy TV series created by Liz Astrof that started premiering on 9 Jan on Fox Channel. The series follows three friends who decides to pivot their life in new directions after their friend’s demise, the trio makes crazy choices that strengthen their bonds of friendship with full of humor. It has received a positive rating of 8 out of 10 on Metacritic while 6.1/10 on IMDb. Viewers are liking the funny plot of the series with some unexpected twists that keeps them engaged. The film location lies in the US only, let’s find the exact places where the shooting took place.

Where was Pivoting filmed?

Pivoting was filmed in Burbank, Long Beach, and Los Angeles inside California. Most of the filming took place inside Warner Bros Studios located in Burbank while some scenes were shot inside LA. The principal photography took place in Sep 2021, Daniella shared. The film is actually sets in Long Island, NY but filming took place in CA only.

The filming was ongoing in Oct 2021 inside Los Angeles, CA as shared by one of the crew members. Another crew member reported that some of the scenes were shot in Long Beach region. California become a prominent filming location for most of the new releases like King Richard movie, Facts of Life Live, Pale Rider, Night Teeth, etc.

Pivoting cast Fox

Pivoting Cast

  • Eliza Coupe as Amy
  • Ginnifer Goodwin as Jodie
  • Maggie Q as Sarah
  • Olivia DeLaurentis as Donna
  • Frankie Corzo as Diana
  • Audrey Gerthoffer as Andrea
  • Kara Duncan as Tanzy
  • Birdie Borria as Nora
  • Connie Jackson as Gloria
  • Ianthe Marini as Bar Patron and Dancer
  • Fizaa Dosani as Seema
  • Michael Canetty as Lawrence
  • Tommy Dewey
  • Marcello Reyes as Luke
  • Meghan Cantú as Emily
  • JT Neal


The comedy TV series follow three friends namely Sarah, Jodie, and Amy who try new things to bear the loss of their friend. The girls decide to enjoy every bit of their life to fill the gaps and eventually the bonds of friendship become much stronger as the group starts exploring the urban locations.

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