Where was Euphoria filmed? HBO Filming Locations

Euphoria is an American teenage drama series created by Sam Levinson for HBO Networks. The story follows a group of high-school students at their mature stage when they experience drugs, friendship, love, and trauma. All these feelings are new for them and their anxious behavior is obligatory, every teenager go through this and becomes mature. The high school and other shooting locations are very well plotted in the 2 part series, let’s find out where is Euphoria filmed in USA?

Euphoria Filming Locations

Euphoria was filmed inside Los Angeles, California. The principal photography took place in Sony Pictures Studios – 10202 W. Washington Blvd. (the motel scene), Culver City inside CA, Del Amo Fashion Center in Torrance and the Pomona. High school shown in the series was Ulysses S Grant High School that is located in Valley Glen. The first of the series was successfully premiered on 16 June 2019 at HBO MAX.

Does Netflix have Euphoria? Where can I watch Euphoria?

Unfortunately, Netflix is not having Euphoria in his huge library in the United States or other regions. It is because the series is an HBO Originals and that’s why it is streaming only on HBO MAX and Apple TV plus.


This display is visually improbable. The appearing is exceptional. Every personality performs an insanely tough function to uphold their personality. This display could be very exhausting to look at from time to time – and raises the query of “why?” incessantly. Most unfavorable critiques are coming from those that can not achieve a style for the vulgarity of this – which is comprehensible. This display isn’t for everybody. But it is simple that this display is flawlessly directed – and the actors are so spectacular. This isn’t one of the most very best displays we have observed in relation to tale line, however in relation to cinematography and appearing this display is excellent. Gotta give it as much as Zendaya, too. Wow.

The first episode takes us during the lifetime of the principle personality and simply starts to introduce the supporting characters. The cinematography, writing, appearing and pacing are all improbable.

It is a tragic, miserable, surprising, and tense display. It’s now not for everybody. But it grabbed my consideration in an instant and held it via the entire episode. There had been portions the place we virtually teared up, and one section the place we actually had my jaw striking open! unlike Jack Ryan Season 3 (And now not as a result of any of the nudity, drug use, or violence that many of us were clutching their pearls over.)

My largest complaint can be that there are two characters who don’t seem to be fleshed out at ALL thus far. They’re flat, one dimensional and now not likeable. In reality, certainly one of them is actually horrible with 0 redeeming qualities. However, since that is handiest the primary episode and i guess the display will flesh all of the characters out all through the remainder of the 8 episode run, it is more or less unfair to criticize in this level an excessive amount of.

Thankfully, we do care about all of the different characters for probably the most section. The display additionally occurs to have one of the most few, and maximum real looking on display depictions of OCD and psychological sickness/issues I’ve noticed in my lifestyles. We say this as somebody with OCD, regardless that now not the similar kind and possibly now not as serious as is depicted.

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