Where was Doc Hollywood filmed? 1991 Filming Locations & Cast

Doc Hollywood is an American romantic comedy series directed by Michael Caton-Jones from the screenplay written by Jeffrey Price, Daniel Pyne, and Peter S Seaman.

Based on the book What? Dead…Again? by Neil B Shulman, the film stars Julie Warner, Barnard Hughes, Woody Harrelson, and David Ogden Stiers along with the other cast members.

The movie is produced by Susan Solt and Deborah D Johnson under Warner Bros Productions, the film was premiered on 2 August 1991 under the distribution of Warner Bros.

Doc Hollywood Filming Locations

Doc Hollywood was filmed in Florida, California, and Virginia inside the United States. Filming began on 11 January 1991 and wrapped up on 30 March 1991 covering almost three months.

Where was Doc Hollywood filmed
Warner Bros


The towns of Micanopy and McIntosh were transformed into the fictional town of South Carolina where most of the shooting took place. The cinematographer Michael Chapman share that the Classic Queen Anne Style Benjamin Fountaine House was changed into Grady Memorial Hospital.

Micanopy is the oldest inland town and self proclaimed antiques capital of Florida located in the Alachua Country. There is also a downtown area that is designated as the Micanopy Historic District that is famous for its restaurants and antique stores.

Hider in my House filming locations
Hider in My House

McIntosh town is located in Marlon Country and is known for its largely unaltered representation of an important period of Florida’s history. The town become famous after the filming of this movie. No Vacancy and Hider in My House were filmed at the same place.


The scene when Ben Stone is running to a restaurant in Beverly Hills is located at 9489 Dayton Way, Beverly Hills. Moreover, Santa Clarita and Los Angeles were used for the shooting purposes.


Some scenes were also filmed in Richmond and Mechanicsville.

Dock Hollywood Cast

  • Michael J. Fox as Ben Stone
  • Julie Warner as Lou
  • Barnard Hughes as Dr. Hogue
  • Woody Harrelson as Hank
  • Frances Sternhagen as Lillian
  • George Hamilton as Dr. Halberstrom
  • Bridget Fonda as Nancy Lee
  • David Ogden Stiers as Nick Nicholson
  • Mel Winkler as Melvin
  • Roberts Blossom as Judge Evans
  • Tom Lacy as Cotton
  • Macon McCalman as Aubrey Draper
  • Helen Martin as Maddie
  • Raye Birk as Simon Tidwell
  • Eyde Byrde as Nurse Packer
  • William Cowart as Lane
  • Amzie Strickland as Violet
  • Time Winters as Kyle
  • K.T. Vogt as Mary
  • Jordan Lund as John Crawford
  • Robert Munns as Mortimer
  • Douglas Brush as McClary
  • Barry Sobel as Shulman
  • Amanda Junette Donatelli as Emma
  • Billy Gillespie as Zeb’s Father
  • Kathy Poling as Zeb’s Mother
  • Eric Bechtel as Zeb
  • Cristi Conaway as Receptionist
  • Kelly Jo Minter as Mulready
  • Michael Caton-Jones as Maitre D’
  • Michael Chapman as Shooting Gallery Operator
  • Ted Davis as Taxi Driver
  • Melanie MacQueen as Woman With Spider
  • Adele Malis-Morey as Woman With Glasses
  • Darrell Jay Cook as Huge Man
  • Dan Charles as Boy at Shooting Gallery
  • Kirsche Smith as Nurse

Where to watch Doc Hollywood movie?

Doc Hollywood is not streaming on any OTT platform but it is available to purchase from Apple TV, Amazon, Microsoft Store, and DirecTV inside the United States.

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