Where was Argylle filmed? See All Locations & Cast Details

Argylle is a new spy action comedy movie directed by Matthew Vaughn and starring Henry Cavill, Dua Lipa, Bryce Dallas Howard, John Cena, Sam Rockwell, Samuel L. Jackson, Ariana Grande, and Catherine O’Hara.

The film follows a reclusive author whose novels predict real-world espionage, entangling her in the action as a criminal syndicate targets her.

Produced by Apple Original Films and Marv Studios, the spy action comedy is the first film of popular British singer Dua Lipa.

Argylle Filming Locations

The spy action thriller movie ‘Argylle’ was filmed across multiple European locations, over a span of seven months.

Argylle filming in European locations
Courtsey of Apple TV+

Principal filming began in August 2021 and wrapped around February 2022 under the working title Tartan, as per local media outlets.

Known for his unique directorial vision, Vaughn has filmed the project across various vibrant backdrops in Europe to lend the spy caper a distinctive cinematic flair.

Let’s explore some of the main filming sites of Dua Lipa’s first movie.

London, England, UK

The capital city of England, London, was the primary filming location for ‘Argylle’. The filmmakers used the city’s iconic red phone booths and streets for several scenes in the movie.

While some shooting was done on location across London, the production team also set up studios in Greenford, Park Royal, and Bovingdon.

Argylle movie filming in England, UK
Courtsey of Apple TV+

These studios helped recreate interior sets and were used to film the action sequences and set pieces.

One recognizable London landmark seen in the background as Elly and Aidan chat is the Albert Memorial, located in Kensington Gardens.

The memorial houses a statue of Prince Albert created by his wife, Queen Victoria, to honor his memory after his death.

Greek Islands, Greece

The movie’s opening scene, where Argylle (Henry Cavill) and Lagrange Howard (Bryce Dallas) engage in a deadly car chase, was shot on location in Greece.

Dua Lipa firing a gun from her motorbike during the shooting of Argylle movie in Greece
Courtsey of Apple TV+

With their cluster of whitewashed cubic buildings tucked against dark volcanic hills and blue Aegean waters, the islands provide a contrast to the high-octane action scenes near the ocean.

Local building laws requiring white and blue paint jobs enhance the islands’ pictorial scenery. Films like ‘The Bourne Identity’ have also utilized the region’s windswept beauty.

Greece’s landscapes have hosted several other major action films and series like ‘Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan,’ ‘Expend4bles,’ ‘The Bricklayer,’ and ‘The Bourne Identity.’

Tenerife, Canary Islands

The tropical island location seen in ‘Argylle’ is Tenerife in Spain’s Canary Islands, the largest of the archipelago. The territory is defined by its beaches, forests, the Teide volcano, and striking views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Tenerife’s diverse topography of lush greenery and tropical oceans has served as a scenic backdrop for hit-action movies like ‘Jason Bourne,’ ‘Rambo: Last Blood,’ and ‘Fast & Furious 6.’

Cinematic shots showcase the island’s palm tree-dotted beaches, the towering volcanic Mount Teide, and rolling green hills.

This diverse landscape presents filmmakers with an assortment of eye-catching textures and colors. Past projects like ‘Fast Five’ and ‘Jason Bourne’ have also filmed on Tenerife.

Some lesser known European destinations were also used for the shooting of this spy comedy film.

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United States

It seems some scenes of Elly traveling through rocky and forested landscapes were likely filmed somewhere in the United States.

Scenes showing Dua Lipa racing through forests likely provided the production team a chance to shoot amidst the wilderness of the United States’ Pacific Northwest region.

The alpine forest and rocky terrain crossed, while Elly travels hint at some scenes were shot in the States. However, there are no details provided about exactly where in the US these scenes were shot or even what specific sequences they were.

Behind the Scenes

Filming spanned across continents, bringing the diverse settings to life. London’s iconic streets provided a classic backdrop for Elly’s initial encounters. Greece’s sun-drenched islands, known for their whitewashed buildings, offered the perfect stage for a thrilling car chase sequence.

The volcanic landscapes of Tenerife, Spain, added a touch of exotic flair to the tropical scenes. Each location presented its own challenges and opportunities, pushing the creativity of the crew and showcasing the film’s global scope.

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Dua Lipa Makes Her Silver Screen Debut in ‘Argylle’

Grammy-award winning pop singer Dua Lipa is stepping into the world of acting with a starring role alongside WWE legend John Cena in the upcoming spy action comedy ‘Argylle.’

Helmed by Matthew Vaughn, known for the ‘Kingsman’ films and ‘X-Men: First Class’, the film sees Dua Lipa as a bestselling author who gets caught up in international espionage. As per the pop star’s Instagram post about her experience, Cena helped coach her through filming her first movie.

Argylle Movie Cast

  • Henry Cavill as Argylle
  • Daniel Singh as Armed Guard #1
  • Dua Lipa as Lagrange
  • Ariana DeBose as Keira
  • Richard E. Grant as Director Fowler
  • John Cena as Wyatt
  • Bryce Dallas Howard as Elly Conway
  • Jason Fuchs as Moderator
  • Tomás Paredes as Carlos
  • Bobby Holland Hanton as Enforcer #1
  • Greg Townley as Enforcer #2
  • Alaa Habib as Zoe the Superfan
  • Clementine Vaughn as Fan #2
  • Raagni Sharma as Fan #1
  • Chip Chip as Alfie the Cat
  • Jing Lusi as Li Na
  • Catherine O’Hara as Ruth
  • Kandy Rohmann as Train Conductor
  • Fiona Marr as Bar Woman

Where to watch Argylle?

Argylle is currently streaming in the US and UK cinemas since its theatrical premiere on Feb 2, 2024. The movie is also set to release for Apple TV+ subscribers on a later date.

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