Where Was An Officer and a Gentleman Filmed? See Locations

An Officer and a Gentleman is a hit romantic drama from the 80s, directed by Taylor Hackford and written by Douglas Day Stewart.

It stars Richard Gere, Debra Winger, and Louis Gossett Jr in the lead roles of Aviation Officer, navy dancer, and Gunnery Sergeant in US Marin Corps. Gossett Jr even won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his role as the tough drill instructor.

The movie was released in 1982 under Paramount Pictures. It was a box office success that made over $190 million against a small budget.

An Officer and a Gentleman Filming Locations

An Officer and a Gentleman was primarily filmed in Washington State at the Fort Worden Historical State Park and nearby areas in Port Townsend.

An Officer and a Gentleman Filming Locations
Courtsey of Paramount Pictures

Production crew built the obstacle course and other training facilities on location instead of using green screens.

The famous scene where Sergeant Foley yells “I said fall in, you slimy worms!” at the new recruits was shot at the Fort Worden park’s Puget Sound Coast Artillery Museum area. Visitors can take a bus to get there.

Another iconic scene of the recruits running on the beach singing “Flying low and feeling mean” was filmed along Harbor Defense Way near Fort Worden.

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Battery Kinzie, Harbor Defense Way

The scene where Sergeant Foley asks Zack for his DOR was done at Battery Kinzie. It is one of the several batteries, located in Harbor Defense Way.

An Officer and a Gentleman filming around Battery Kinzie in Harbor Defense Way

To visit Battery Kinzie, you’ll need to take a bus from the park entrance and then walk for about 12 minutes.

The Tides Inn – Tragic Turning Point

A sad part of An Officer and a Gentleman movie happens at The Tides Inn & Suites in Port Townsend. This is where Zack and Paula find their friend Sid has taken his own life after being rejected by his girlfriend.

An Officer and a Gentleman filming the scene at The Tides Inn where Sid commits suicide

You can actually book a room at this inn and stay where this traumatic scene was filmed. Just take a short bus ride from downtown Port Townsend.

Water Street – Emotional Beachside Moment

After Sid’s death, there’s a heart-wrenching scene where Paula confesses her love for Zack on the beach along Water Street.

Zack is devastated but Paula convinces him she truly loves him. This location is just a short walk from The Tides Inn, so you can visit both shooting spots in one go.

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Fort Worden – The Final Confrontation

Finally, Zack decides to quit training but has one last epic showdown with the determined Sergeant Foley back at Fort Worden park itself.

Despite Foley’s attempts to make him stay, Zack is defiant, screaming “I don’t need you! I don’t need the Navy!” This pivotal scene was also filmed right within the state park grounds.

The final scene of An Officer and a gentleman filming around Fort Worden

The state park and nearby areas were the perfect setting to capture the grit and determination required to make it through naval aviation officer training.

If you’re a fan of this classic 80s movie, make sure to take a quick trip over to Port Townsend, Washington to see these iconic ‘An Officer and a Gentleman’ filming locations for yourself.

An Officer and a Gentleman Cast

  • Richard Gere as Aviation Officer Candidate (AOC) Zack Mayo
  • Tommy Petersen as young Zack
  • Robert Loggia as Zack’s father
  • John Laughlin as Troy
  • Lisa Blount as Lynette Pomeroy
  • Elizabeth Rogers as Betty Worley
  • David Keith as AOC Sid Worley
  • Louis Gossett Jr. as Gunnery Sergeant Emil Foley
  • Debra Winger as Paula Pokrifki

What is the plot?

The movie follows Zack Mayo, a young fella training to become a naval aviator. Before joining the navy, Zack lived with his not-so-good dad in the Philippines after his mom took her own life. Despite his dad being a real downer, Zack is determined to make it as a jet pilot.

An Officer and a Gentleman plot
Courtsey of Paramount Pictures

At aviation officer training, Zack meets his buddies Sid, Topper, and Casey, and the scary drill sergeant Emil Foley. The sergeants are harsh on the new recruits, warning them about local girls just looking to trap a future officer into marriage.

But Zack and Sid still fall for Paula and Lynette, the two factory workers. As Zack goes through the brutal training under Sergeant Foley’s intense guidance, he figures out his true reasons for joining up. The movie takes viewers on an emotional rollercoaster before a happy ending for the main couple.

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Where to stream An Officer and a Gentleman?

An Officer and a Gentleman is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video inside the United States. Moreover, you can rent or purchase the movie on Apple TV, Google Play Movies, Amazon, and Vudu.

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