Where was ‘A Lifelong Love’ filmed? See Hallmark Cast & Locations

Hallmark’s 2023 romantic drama A Lifelong Love took viewers on a heartwarming journey across the picturesque Canadian province of Manitoba.

Directed by Nicholas Humphries from the screenplay of Caroline Portu, based on the story of Aliya Kamalova and Kim Seltzer, the sweet romance movie follows Annika, a woman trying to reunite his grandfather with his lost love.

As she teams up with her college sweetheart Ryan to write a book about the experience, she starts to develop feelings for Ryan once again, but is it the right time?

The movie originally premiered on July 21, 2023 on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel inside the US, and will release again on May 4 on the original Hallmark Channel.

A Lifelong Love Filming Locations

The Hallmark movie ‘A Lifelong Love’ was filmed in Winnipeg and Selkirk inside Manitoba province of Canada. Principal shooting began in the second week of April 2023 and wrapped within two weeks duration in the same month, local press reports.

A Lifelong Love filming in Winnipeg

Now, let’s have a look at both of these locations.

Winnipeg – The Urban Heart of Production

According to the actress herself, the primary filming for A Lifelong Love occurred in the vibrant city of Winnipeg, the capital of Manitoba.

Andrea Brooks confirmed in a TV Goodness interview that most of the interior scenes were shot at local establishments and film studios around Winnipeg in March and April 2023. The city’s stunning architecture made several cameo appearances.

Local Establishments and Studios

While specific details remain under wraps, reports suggest that A Lifelong Love’s production team utilized local businesses and studios for many of the film’s interior scenes.

These hidden sets could be cafes, bookstores, or even Annika and Ryan’s apartments, adding a touch of authenticity to the film’s atmosphere.

Iconic Winnipeg Landmarks on the Silver Screen

Scenes have featured backdrops like Canadian Museum for Human Rights, Wesley Hall, Saint Boniface Cathedral, Esplanade Riel Bridge, and Manitoba Legislative Building.

Wesley Hall could have been featured as a venue for a community event or a local market Annika and Ryan visit during their quest while Saint Boniface Cathedral might have graced a scene where Annika reflects on the enduring power of love.

Selkirk, Manitoba

A Lifelong Love movie filming in Selkirk

Selkirk is a small town in Manitoba, located just 22 Km northeast of Winnipeg alongside the Red River. Production team of A Lifelong Love might have used this location to highlight the residence of Annika’s grandpa.

Selkirk Water Aerodrome could have been featured as a starting point for Annika and Ryan’s journey, perhaps as they embark on a scenic flight searching for clues about Ruth’s whereabouts.

Brooks shared an amazing bts photo with her co-star during the shooting in Selkirk in 2023.

Selkirk Lift Bridge might have used for the shooting of bridge scene where, Annika and Ryan stand side-by-side.

Red River Trails is a symbol of Manitoba’s pioneering spirit. These historic trails could have served as a backdrop for a scene where Annika and Ryan discuss the importance of perseverance in love.

Winnipeg is another popular filming destination for the shooting of Hallmark movies after Ottawa and Vancouver.

Some of the recent productions shot in Canada includes Falling in Love in Niagara, An Easter Bloom, Legend of the Lost Locket, Blind Date Book Club, and One Bad Apple.

Behind The Scenes

Despite the breathtaking locales, the Winnipeg weather didn’t make filming easy.

Brooks recounted “freak snowstorms” during the spring shoot, with conditions becoming so hazardous at one point that they had to pause production for the day.

Moreover, she has recently shared another beautiful picture of her along with Patch May.

Who’s in the cast of A Lifelong Love?

  • Andrea Brooks as Annika
  • Patch May as Ryan
  • Tom Young as Abe
  • Averie Peters as Ellie
  • Michael Strickland as Rory
  • Brenda Gorlick as The Ruth
  • Solange Sookram as Tia

What is the plot?

Annika, a writer struggling to get published, decides to help her grandfather find his long-lost love. To document the heartwarming journey, she teams up with her college sweetheart, Ryan, to write a book about enduring love.

As they travel and interview different couples with unique love stories, Annika and Ryan rediscover their own spark. Their initial competitiveness about getting the book published melts away as they find themselves drawn to each other once again.

Where to watch A Lifelong Love?

A Lifelong Love movie premieres on the Hallmark Channel on May 4, 2024 at 8 PM ET inside the United States. The movie will also re-air on the following dates:

  • May 5 at 5/4c
  • May 13 at 7/6c
  • May 25 at 10/9c
  • June 10 at 5/4c

Were any specific Winnipeg neighborhoods featured?

Unfortunately, details about specific neighborhoods showcased in the film are unavailable. However, the film likely features various areas throughout Winnipeg, capturing the city’s diverse character.

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