Where was A Dash of Christmas filmed? See All Locations and Cast Details

The 2023 feel-good holiday film from GAF, A Dash of Christmas takes viewers on a charming journey through a beautiful bakery located in a historic town of Winnipeg through its shooting locations.

Directed by Robin Dunn from the scripts of Bob Saenz and Guy Yosub, the heartwarming holiday romance movie follows a chef who stakes her career on participating in a brand-new reality TV series to win the heart of a local baker.

Let’s have a closer look at the actual filming locations of this Great American Family Channel movie.

A Dash of Christmas Filming Locations

While the movie sets in a Connecticut town, A Dash of Christmas was filmed in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada over the course of 12 nights in the height of a hot and bright Canadian summer in June 2023.

Laura Osnes, who stars as Megan in the film shared some bts photos on her Instagram with co-star Christopher Russell. The two can be seen together holding an umbrella because it was raining at 2 am.

She wrote:

We shot the whole movie in 12 days (the 12 days of Christmas) this past June. And every one of those days was a night shoot – 3pm to 3am. Up in Winnipeg, Canada it doesn’t get dark till nearly 11pm in the summer! And it was also 80 degrees!

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

What makes Winnipeg an ideal filming location for a Christmas movie is its ability to transform into a winter wonderland during the summer months.

The sun didn’t fully set until after 10 pm, meaning the first few hours of each shoot took place under bright skies.

To capture the right holiday ambiance, cinematographers used filters and adjusted lighting to give the illusion of cold winter nights.

In addition to the nearly endless daylight, A Dash of Christmas was shot during a heat wave, with temperatures hovering around 80°F (27°C). “It was also 80 degrees!” said Osnes.

To combat the heat, cooling fans and air conditioning units were strategically placed around set. Cast and crew took advantage of any shade they could find between takes.

The wardrobe team made sure there were coolers on hand so actors could change out of their warm holiday sweaters.

Winnipeg Exchange District

The Exchange District is Winnipeg’s historic downtown core that served as the backdrop for many of the movie’s exterior scenes.

A Dash of Christmas main cast on the filming set
Courtsey of GAF

This charming neighborhood of Winnipeg was transformed into Willow Creek’s bustling town center for filming purposes.

However, there are no mentions of the HOMETOWN Bakery location in any interviews or behind-the-scenes footage.

Behind The Scenes

While producers considered shooting in a studio, real Winnipeg neighborhoods helped the holiday spirit feel authentic.

Despite the unconventional filming schedule, the cast and crew embraced the challenge with enthusiasm.

“It was actually kind of magical to be filming a Christmas movie in the middle of summer,” said lead actor Christopher Russell.

Die-hard Winnipegger Adam Hurtig, who stars in the film as Ronald in the film, was thrilled to shoot in his hometown. He posted a story on his Instagram to show his excitement over the shoot.

A Dash of Christmas Cast

Laura Osnes as Brooke

Laura Osnes is a Tony Award-nominated actress who is best known for her roles in One Royal Holiday and Broadway musicals such as “Bonnie and Clyde” and “South Pacific.” In “A Dash of Christmas,” Osnes plays Brooke, a driven and ambitious executive who is determined to succeed in her career.

However, when she realizes that she needs to learn to bake in order to land her dream job, she is forced to step outside of her comfort zone. With her warm and relatable performance, Osnes brings Brooke to life and makes her a character that audiences can cheer for.

Christopher Russell as Aaron McBay

Christopher Russell is a Canadian actor who has starred in numerous television movies and Hallmark Channel productions. In “A Dash of Christmas,” Russell plays Alex, a charming and talented baker who helps Brooke master the art of baking. Russell brings a sense of humor and heart to the role, and his chemistry with Osnes is undeniable.

Lam An as Bakery Customer

Lam An is a Vietnamese-Canadian actress who is known for her roles in the television series “Motherland: Fort Salem” and “Nancy Drew.” In this movie, she plays the role of a bakery customer.

Paul Essiembre as Judge Sullivan

Paul Essiembre is a Canadian actor who has starred in numerous television movies and Hallmark Channel productions like A Brush with Christmas, Pumpkin Everything, A Christmas Cookie Catastrophe, Tis the Season to be Merry, A Winter Getaway, etc.

The supporting cast of A Dash of Christmas include:

  • Zoe Fish as Erica
  • Amy Groening as Sarah Blake
  • Adam Hurtig as Ronald

Where to watch A Dash of Christmas?

The movie premiered on the Great American Family Channel on Nov 4, 2023 and is now available to purchase on-demand from Amazon like other GAF originals as Christmas in Maple Hills.

Also, there’s an app called Great American Community, which gives you access to behind-the-scenes content, podcasts with the network’s stars, and other bonus content, streaming is free for US viewers.

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