Where is Enola Holmes 2 being filmed? What to expect from the sequel?

Enola Holmes 2 is an action adventure film directed by Harry Bradbeer, written by Jack Thorne, and produced by Millie Bobby Brown, Ali Mendes, Alex Garcia, Mary Parent, and Paige Brown under Legendary Pictures and PCMA Productions.

It stars Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill in the lead role of Enola and Sherlock. Enola is following her brother’s Sherlock footsteps and opens an agency to become a popular female detective only to find that the job is much difficult than exciting.

The movie serves as the direct sequel to the 2020 adult fiction series on the same name by Nancy Springer that follows the story of a teenage Enola who wakes up to find that her mother is missing and left some gifts behind. That part was filmed in England but the second part was shot at a new location. Let’s discuss that.

Enola Holmes 2 Filming Locations

The second part of Enola Holmes was filmed inside England, UK during autumn 2021. Principal photography began in Kingston upon Hull on 5 October 2021, Yorshire Post reported.

Enola Holmes 2 filming locations

The 38-year old Henry Cavill was spotted in the city of Hull during the shooting along with Stranger Things actress Millie Bobby Brown. The local channels reported that an old Town of Hull was restructured into Victorian London by the production staff.

Hull is a port city located in East Yorkshire popularly known for its quirky museums, pictureseque buildings, and centuries old streets that tells the story of England. It is the place where English Civil war started and slavery abolotionist William Wilberforce was born.

Collider noted that the filming wrapped up on 7 Jan 2022 in London. Finsbury Square was controlling the production staff in London Borough of Camden.

What to expect from Enola Holmes 2?

Enola Holmes 2 is continuing the series right where the original left off. Enola had finally disovered her mother and opened her own detective agency to follow her brother Sherlock teachings.

However, nobody wants to hire her as a detective. Its not like that she lacks skill and knowledge but her less experience makes her less desirable over Sherlock Holmes. Moreover, she is not focusing on drumming up business.

In a desperate attempt to save her agency from getting collapsed, she immediately accepts an entangling case involving a girl who has diasppeared form her work at a local match factory. Will Enola been able to find the victim?

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