Where is Alvin Dalton Fresno today? Is he alive or dead?

Alvin Dalton, a Fresno man accused of murdering his neighbor and wounding her 2 small children. According to prosecutors, Dalton’s girlfriend was also with him as his crime partner on the night of murder. The incident happened just before some days when Danetta decided to move away from her neighborhood but the things heated up on 2nd March 2011 and a physical altercation happened between Lora and her. While Dalton pulled out his 9mm gun, neighbor victims were unarmed and helpless. Even though, he shot Danetta Henry dead

Where is Alvin Dalton now?

55-year-old Alvin Dalton founded guilty for the second-degree murder of 37-year-old Danetta Henry and attempted murder of Dezhane and Dezmond. Dezhane was shot twice in the stomach while Dezmond was shot once. Dalton was sentenced to 83 years imprisonment and today he is at Correctional Training Facility in Soledad, California. He will be able to apply to parole only in March 2036.

Alvin Dalton fresno

Although, he tried to prove himself innocent by saying that he opened fire for the self defense as the victim family had threatened him multiple times in the past. But he was guilty as per the investigation. The judge called him an enigma because he was doing a steady job without any criminal records.

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How it was started?

Danetta lived with her 2 children namely Dezhane(daughter) and Dezmond(son) next to Alvin Dalton and his girlfriend Lora White. She was an optimistic single mom who work hard to feed her family. A healthy relationship was established between Danetta and her neighbors but some little conflicts leads to a dangerous turn in her life that she ever imagined.

This was 2 March 2011, when Alvin Dalton entered in the house of Danetta Henry with his girlfriend Lora White. Lora involved in physical altercation with her and her 2 kids were also watching this. To save their mom, Dezhane threw some energy drinks and water bottles towards Lora. Dezmond came out as well, Alvin threw the kids away and fired multiple times.

Neighbors called 911 and suddenly local police reached the scene and Danetta injuries were so deep that claims her life as she was shot in her head, arm, and chest as well. Her kids were also wounded from gun shots but God saved them.

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