Naked and Afraid Death: Has anyone ever died on the show?

Naked and Afraid is one of the famous reality shows of Discovery channel that lies on the basic law of nature that states only the fittest will survive. The show is filled with adventure and true animal encounters with a man and a woman.

Moreover, participants aren’t allowed to wear even a single cloth on their body and they have to survive till the end of 21 days. Also, contestants are not allowed to say a word about what happened at the show.

You are probably wondering that if this reality show is too dangerous and involved real encounters with animals that can serious injuries then there are very many chances of death and putting lives at risk.

Naked and Afraid Death: Has anyone died in Real Life?

No participant has ever died on the Naked and Afraid show. However, there are several incidents that pushed contestants into a near-death experience but brave survivors fooled death and bounce back after climbing on mountain like difficulties.

Look at the latest near death experience that happened in 4 years ago. See how the couple came out from the situation.

How much do contestants get paid on the Naked and Afraid: Discovery Show?

According to some cast members, the price amount that has been given to them after completing the show will be $20-$25k with some incentives. However, this amount may vary from season to season as in some the amount is reduced as per the challenges and sometimes it becomes very large keeping in mind the hardships that contestants have to face.

If you know about any Naked and Afraid death then let me know because in our best knowledge no person has ever died on the show. In worst cast scenario, survivors can take help from the cameraman as they can provide immediate help whenever required.

Lakshya Kaushik

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