Where can I watch Manayek? Is there a second season?

When it comes to police procedural series, we don’t want to leave any of them behind and Manayek is one such series that talks about the badass nature of cops with the mix of corruption.

Created by Roy Iddan and Yoav Gross, the Israeli drama series follows an investigation into police corruption by an ex-policeman and current internal affairs investigator.

The show is directed by Alon Zingman from the scripts of Lee Gilat and produced by Ido Ben-Basat, Efrat Fuks, Guy Cohen, and Uri Zur under Yoav Gross Productions. Let’s see the networks where this series is currently streaming.

Where to stream Manayek?

There are two seasons of this Israeli thriller series and both of them are now streaming on HBO MAX inside Latin America (including the United States since Jan 2023, on Arte in Germany and France, on Gem in Canada, and on SBS on Demand inside Australia since June 2022.

Who’s in the cast?

Shalom Assayag (Kfula) is starring in the main role of ex-policeman Izzy Bachar and Amos Tamam (The Spy) is one of his buddy who has now become a criminal mastermind named Barak Harel.

Shalom Assayag as Izzy Bachar in Manayek series

Other cast members are:

  • Doron Ben-David as Ofir Leibowitz
  • Liraz Chamami as Tal Ben Harush
  • Ishai Golan as Eitan Doitsh
  • Avi Salama as Gili Shemaya
  • Mouna Hawa as Hiba ElNasar
  • Eyal Rozales as Ezra Falah
  • Sasi Samucha as Dudu Eini
  • Subliminal as Tamir Shemaya
  • Rami Heuberger as Shaul Katz
  • Haim Zanati as Eyal Zigdon
  • Micha Celektar as Avner Baranes

Where was Manayek filmed?

There are two seasons of Manayek and both of them were filmed within Tel Aviv, Israel. Season 1 of the series was filmed during 2020 while the second season started filming in Sep 2021.

Gross revealed in an interview with DQ that he carried out a lot of research before making the show. There were no shows about internal affairs investigators and he was like, OK, let’s make a show where cops are the antagonists and started working on it.

What language is Manayek in?

Manayek is a street slang term for policeman in Hebrew language and the crime thriller series focuses on the police corruption during investigation. The Hebrew term was taken by the showrunner Iddan that translates to ‘Rats’ in the series.

Even though, it’s a cop show, it appears more like a mafia show that you already know. It also uses some flashback scenes to connect the dots

What is the show about?

The Israeli show tells the story of a a veteran police internal affairs investigator who is on the brink of retirement but when a young police officer is arrested as a prime murder suspect, he finds himself investigating his best buddy who is now operating a vast criminal network in Tel Aviv.

The show is focused on the relationship between Izzy and Barak, the the two close friends who share the same work and home in the past but it’s not overly dramatic like Amazon’s Somebody I Used to Know that talks about a girl who is obsessed with her ex and can’t get over with that.

Moreover, Izzy’s wife Eti is also acting as a helping hand to her husband in solving the case where Barak is accused of being a part of a widespread ring of corruption, the accusation can even destroy the the relationship between the two central characters.

Awards & Nominations

Season 1 of the series won Best drama series, best director, best screenplay for a drama series, best supporting actor, and best leading actor in a drama series at the 2021 Israeli Academy of Film & TV Awards.

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