The Unbreakable Filming Locations, Trailer, Preview, and True Story

The Unbreakable Boy(also known as Jeden na milion) is an American inspirational family drama film directed and written by Jon Gunn for Lionsgate and Kingdom Store Company productions. DC’s Shazam star Zachary Levi is starring in the movie as the father of child who is suffering with a rare brittle bone disease and autism, the film is based on the book titled The Unbreakable Boy: A Father’s Fear, a Son’s Courage, and a Story of Unconditional Love by Scott LeRette which is itself inspired from a true story like Lifetime’s Cruel Instructions.

Where was The Unbreakable Boy filmed?

The Unbreakable Boy was filmed inside Oklahoma during fall 2020. The principal filming began on 26 Nov 2020 and wrapped up on 18 Dec 2020 over the course of 23 days. Filming took place in various parts of the state featuring Norman, Midwest City, Okarche, Guthrie, El Reno and Bethany with most of the filming took place within Oklahoma city. The school featured in the film is most likely South Lake Elementary School of OKC.

This filming project created more than 150 local jobs for the local residents and another fun fact is that Kingdom Story began the production of American Underdog right after the shooting of Unbreakable Boy finished. However, the shooting for “American Underdog” began in Jan 25, 2021. Together, these films created more than 860 jobs and lead to the direct spending of $20 Million in the state, according to The Oklahoman. The medic and health crew played a characteristic role while the shooting was ongoing.

Drew Powell enjoyed final days of filming by singing late night 2 AM with Meghann Fahy. He quoted the Instagram post as he can never forget the beautiful experience. A group with a truly Unbreakable spirit. One of the additional bonuses was getting to spend our downtime as a cast hanging out, he added. Moreover, he dedicated the song to the hard work of fellow crew members and other supporting staff.


The official trailer has been released for the film featuring Logan and his school mates.

The Unbreakable Boy cast


  • Zachary Levi
  • Gavin Warren as Logan LeRette
  • Patricia Heaton
  • Jacob Laval as Austin LeRette
  • Pilot Bunch as Tyler
  • Peter Facinelli as Preacher Rick
  • Amy Acker as Lori
  • Meghann Fahy Meghann Fahy
  • Lena Harmon as Doctor
  • Kevin Downes as Lyle
  • Mattie Ward as AA Member
  • Ashtyn Barlow Nguyen as Cheerleader / student / trick or treater
  • Bruce Davis as Autism Doctor
  • Todd Terry as Dick
  • Rita Scranton as Country Club Patron
  • Drew Powell
  • Avalon Howard as Trick or Treater
  • Jim Henry as Mr. Hollingsworth
  • Amanda Pearce as Arcade patron
  • Tyrone Betters as Miles
  • Addison Hambright as Nice Girl
  • Mary C. Bruce as Country Club Patron / Restaurant Patron
  • Riley Kahn as Cheerleader & Student
  • Sarah Dean as Extra
  • Eleanor T. Threatt as Ilene
  • Ty Clifton as Bartender
  • Avery Baker as Restaurant Patron
  • Michelle Sander as Orderly
  • Katie Fairbanks as Pep Band Member
  • Michael Gibbons as Campout Dad
  • Melissa Sellers-Durham as Patient
  • Alexandra Swanbeck as Nurse
  • Erin Herring as Waitress
  • Michael Anthony Page as Man in Line (as Mike Page)
  • Brenda Williams as Uninspired Teacher
  • James Van Alstine as Passing Man
  • Tristan Hutchison as Waiter
  • Lorri Bohnert as Country Club Patron
  • Joel Telford as Bully Friend
  • Katy Hayes as Country Club Dancer
  • Katie O’Dell as History Teacher
  • Justin C. Russellas AA Member
  • Craig Philson as Middle School Basketball Coach
  • Alex Atkinson as Partygoer
  • Stephen Radley 3 as Teacher
  • John York as Dad / Camper
  • Scott Lancaster as Wedding reception guest
  • Jason Daniel as Psych Ward Doctor
  • Charles Walker as Country Club Guess / Restaurant Patron
  • Emma E. Thornhill as Cheerleader
  • Cierra Jayde as Nurse
  • Stacey Weddington as Special Education Teacher
  • Brittney Walker as Church Goer
  • Connor Bock as Church Friend


The Unbreakable Boy story follows a boy named Austin who is born with autism and a rare brittle bone disease but his amazing actions make him an inspirational person. Everyone who come near him feels motivated and he become an inspiration to his own father Scott transforming into an indestructible spirit.

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