The Owl House Season 2 Episode 9 Countdown, Release Date, Spoilers, Watch Online

The Owl House season 2 episode 9 is set to air on Saturday as usual at it’s respected time slot on the Disney Channel. Created by Dana Terrace, The Owl House is an American animation series that moves around a teenage girl, Luz who gets transported into another dimension where she befriends a witch named Eda Clawthorne and her demon king. Luz is a normal human being so she was not born with magical abilities but she aims to become a rebellious witch like Eda. In the second season, the leading characters are coming together to send Luz in the Human Realm and confronting her to fight with her inner demons.

The Owl House Season 2 Episode 9 Release Date

The Owl House season 2 Episode 9 titled Eclipse Lake will be released on Saturday, 7 Aug 2021 at 10:00 AM EDT on Disney Channel and Disney Now and for subscribers. There will be a total of 21 episodes in this season with a running time of 28 minutes. The episode will be launch at different time zones in different regions so you may check out here when will the new episode of The Owl House S2 launch in your region.

Where to watch The Owl House Season 2 Episode 9 online?

The Owl House Season 2 Episode 9 will be available to stream on Disney channel and Disney Now. Additionally, viewers can also watch the new episodes on Disney plus, Hulu+ LIVE TV, FUBOTV, DIRECTV, and SLINGTV.

The Owl House season 2 Episode 9 watch online

Episode 8 Recap

In TOH S2 Episode 8, we saw Lilith got a letter from Hooty in which he say thanks to him and also acknowledged the support that Lilith provided. Hooty puts Eda to sleep in order to get rid of her negative past emotions and the plan executes successfully, Eda finds courage awakes with positive vibes. Luz and Amity confess their feelings for each other, Eda and King problems are solved now all because of Hooty but Hooty wasn’t aware of this and that’s why he was disappointed. In the ending scene, Hooty is seen writing another letter to Lilith but gets shocked by spotting a bug.

The Owl House Season 2 Episode 9 Spoilers

TOH Season 2 ep 9 summary shows that Luz gets sick with the Common Mold so she will not be seen fighting in the coming episode. King, Eda, and Amity will be looking for a special ingredient for the portal door but the problem is that the ingredient is not for sale. Several other creatures are also looking after it and team Eda is not the only one behind this ingredient hunt.

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