The Man Who Control Everything Movie Where to Watch?

Have you seen the viral TikTok video about The Man Who Control Everything? People are going crazy over it. The video has garnered over 68,000 likes and 120+ comments from fans asking where to stream the movie or series.

We have found that the viral scene comes from the CBS anthology series The Twilight Zone. Specifically, the clip is taken from the Season 2 episode “A Small Town,” which first aired on the streaming platform Paramount+ (formerly CBS All Access) on June 25, 2020.

Directed by Alonso Alvarez-Barreda from the scripts of Steven Barnes and Tananarive Due, the episode follows a church handyman who finds a plastic model of the town in the church attic. Whatever he does to the model, happens in the real town.

Where to watch The Man Who Control Everything?

The viral tiktok titled ‘The Man Who Control Everything’ is included in The Twilight Zone 2019 series, which is currently streaming on Amazon Freevee, DirecTV Stream, fuboTV, Syfy USA Network, and NBC inside the United States.

The Man Who Control Everything where to watch
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Previously, the show was streaming on Paramount+ in US, UK, Canada, and Australia but in Feb 2023, the network removed the Jordan Peele series from the original platform along with some other titles, Variety reported.

If you are unable to find the series on any given platforms like Taraji Bank Heist movie, then there’s always an option to purchase The Twilight Zone (2019-2020) from VOD platforms like Amazon Prime, VUDU, and Apple TV.

Where to stream The Man Who Control Everything UK?

The 2019 Twilight Zone series is currently streaming on NOW inside UK. If you are a NOW TV subscriber, you can watch all the episodes of the series including ‘The Man Who Control Everything’ scene for FREE as a part of your subscription. You just need to select The Twilight Zone Season 2 Episode 8 and you will be able to stream the full episode.

Is The Man Who Control Everything on Netflix?

No, the viral Tiktok episode The Man Who Control Everything is not available to stream on Netflix, as the service does not include any content from the Twilight Zone franchise in its library. It is also not streaming on Hulu or included with an Amazon Prime Video subscription like FNAF movie.

Is The Man Who Control Everything on Netflix

What is the best way to watch The Twilight Zone reboot?

IMO, the best way to watch the series is by purchasing the blu ray set from retailers like Amazon, Target, or Walmart. The streaming services switch content like every month. You subscribe to one for one show and it only lasts there for a month. If you own it, you own it.

Moreover, there are thousands benefits of buying a physical copy. The Blu-ray box set provides pristine video/audio quality and in-depth special features. Bonus content like interviews and promos give rare insights into the show.

The only drawback is, you can’t randomize episodes while streaming but for binge-watchers, there is no problem. Whether you watch it today or 40 years later, you have got the complete package.

The Man Who Controlled Everything Episode Recap

Littleton, once a thriving tourist town, fell into hard times after their visionary Mayor Trina died tragically. The power-hungry successor, Mayor Conley, decimated tourism and let the town spiral into ruin. He drove out all but a faithful few like Trina’s heartbroken husband Jason, now the town handyman, and kind diner owner Ana.

The Twilight Zone featuring Damon Wayans Jr
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Jason’s life changed when he stumbled upon a wondrous miniature model of Littleton in the church attic that could magically influence the real town! He become the man who control everything what happens in the town.

When he fixed broken objects in the model, the actual town self-repaired. Jason became a invisible hero, fulfilling townspeople’s wishes and slowly restoring Littleton to its former glory. Tourists returned, the economy boomed. But the insecure Mayor portrayed himself as the mystery savior “El Ayudante” and stole admiration.

When a massive light display Jason created caused a town-wide blackout, the terrified folks almost lynched Conley. Jason finally admitted he was the helper. Conley then tried seizing the powerful model for his own greed.

The ensuing scuffle destroyed the delicate model! Littleton fell into chaos. Only a tearful Jason knew that the town was never going to mend but God saved the town in the end.

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