The Imperfects Season 2 Release Date, Trailer, Netflix Cast, Renewal Updates

The Imperfects Season 2 is a possible new season of the coming-of-age drama series created by Shelley Eriksen & Dennis Heaton.

It stars Morgan Taylor Campbell, Iñaki Godoy, and Rhianna Jagpal in the lead roles of three twenty something individuals who turned into monsters after a failed gene therapy experiment by Dr. Sydney Burke.

The series is executively produced by Chad Oakes, Dennis Heaton, Shelley Eriksen, and Michael Frislev under Nomadic Pictures production while the distribution rights are owned by Netflix.

Will there be a season 2 of The Imperfects?

Netflix hasn’t made any official announcement yet regarding the arrival of season 2 of the sci-fi series. It is not yet confirmed if the show has been renewed or cancelled by the original network.

The Imperfects season 2 release date

It will take at least a month to announce the series renewal. If the series perform well on the OTT platform then Netflix will not hesitate to bring another season for the mind-blowing series.

When is The Imperfects Season 2 coming out?

As of September 2022, the creators haven’t shared any details about the show’s future. There are always two options whenever a new show comes out, either it can be renewed or cancelled after that.

Staying on the brighter side, we can expect to hear the official words from Netflix at the end of Sep-Oct 2022. Most likely, a The Imperfects Season 2 will be released around Feb 2024 with 10 new episodes.

The Imperfects netflix

Till that time, you can invite your friends or family members to watch the series to make it trending because a renewal depends on the popularity of series. Tribes of Europa Season 2 is also awaited among coming-of-age series lovers and this will be also added in the list.

At the end, the show’s performance will decide whether it is going to be renewed like Squid Game, After Ever Happy, Money Heist, Rick and Morty Season 6, or dumped by the network like Cowboy Bebop(2021), Teenage Bounty Hunters(2020), The Society(2019), Everything Sucks(2018), etc.

Who will cast in The Imperfects Season 2?

Most of all the main characters are expected to return in The Imperfects Season 2 along with some new faces. The three gems of the show Morgan Taylor Campbell as Tilda Weber, Rhianna Jagpal as Abbi Singh, and Iñaki Godoy as Juan Ruiz will reprise their roles.

Season 2 of The Imperfects Cast

Even though, Inaki Godoy is busy now with One Piece live action series, he will spare some time to cast in The Imperfects series once again as Juan. But for now, he is busy with filming One Piece.

Also, Italia Ricci will be seen once again as Dr. Sydney Burke along with Kyra Zagorsky as Isabel Finch, Rhys Nicholson as Dr. Alex, and some unfamiliar characters.


No trailer or teaser has been released for The Imperfects Season 2 yet by Netflix that could give us a sneak peek to what’s gonna happen in the new season. Meanwhile, you can watch the whole season 1 on Netflix if you haven’t watched it.

About The Imperfects

Juan, Abbi, and Tilda are three twenty somethings who gets transformed into monsters after an experimental gene therapy goes wrong. Now, the trio have to search for the scientist who is behind their abnormally gifted fate.

The Imperfects season 2 plot

While other scientists are trying to help those monsters to become human again, there is a former child prodigy who refused to help and continue to write the human genome for the next stage of evolution.

What will happen in season 2 of The Imperfects?

The Imperfects Season 2 will continue the story after it is revealed that Dr. Alex Sarkov was also an experimental subject before becoming a scientist.

Sarkov is smart because of his genetic constitution that consists of DNA fragments from another intelligent scientist named Dr. Hallenbeck who can be seen talking to Dr. Burke in the last video call.

The Imperfects season 2 netflix plot

The upcoming season is going to be more interesting than the first one because there were only three monsters in the first season but there will be a lot more in the new season.

After the breakout of monster virus, the whole city has been infected and monsters are wandering in every corner like a mosquito. Was Tilda right on keeping her special abnormal ability as a monster or not? The answer will be revealed in the second season.

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