The Black Phone Movie Where to Watch?

The Black Phone movie is a 2022 horror film directed and co-written, and co-produced by renowned supernatural thriller films director Scott Derrickson and C Robert Cargill. Jason Blum is also serving as a co-producer.

Based on the 2004 short story of the same title by Joe Hill, the film follows an abducted teenager named Thames who uses a mysterious telephone to communicate with a supernatural power.

The film has recently premiered on 24 June 2022 inside the United States and is creating buzz among horror movie lovers. So, let’s find out the places where you can watch this film.

Is Ethan Hawke horror film on Netflix?

Unfortunately, the Black Phone movie is not included in the giant content library of Netflix right no so you cannot watch the 2022 psychological horror film on Netflix.

The Black Phone Netflix

However, you can watch various other supernatural horror films like Sinister(directed by same director), Umbrella Academy season 3, The Ritual, Under The Shadow, Hostel, A Quiet Place, Annabelle, Insidious, Babysitter, The Conjuring 3, Veronica, etc.

Is The Black Phone on Amazon Prime?

No, the Black Phone is not yet available to watch on Amazon Prime Video.

The film is neither included in the Prime Video subscription nor it is available in the on demand section where you can rent or purchase it.

But it will be added on Prime Video in December 2022 after its digital debut on Peacock.

Is Black Phone movie on Amazon Prime

Instead, you can watch some greatest horror films of all the time on Prime Video as Don’t Breathe 3, Wrong Turn, Umma, Death of Me, World War Z, Dark Winds, Resident Evil, Malignant, etc.

Where to watch the Black Phone?

The Black Phone Movie is exclusively streaming inside the cinemas worldwide since its theatrical release on 24 June 2022.

Currently, the movie is streaming inside movie theatres only and there is no way to watch the film online at home.

The Black Phone movie where to watch

It will be released after 45 days of theatrical run on NBC Universal’s Peacock that is you can watch Black Phone 2022 movie on Peacock on 8 August 2022.

The movie will be available for 4 months on the Peacock and then will be added on Prime Video for its subscribers for 10 months, according to the latest deal with Universal Pictures.

How to watch The Black Phone for free?

The movie is set to premiere on an ad supported platform Peacock on 8 August 2022. There, you can watch this horror film for free without paying any extra fees or you can also subscribe to premium.

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