Terilisha Theorem Explained: Is Terilisha Theory published in Maths today?

Terilisha Theorem is blowing the mind of The Circle Season 2 viewers as in the first episode, Terilisha reveals the discovery of a Maths theorem that she invented when she was in high school. Now, fans are confused about the credibility of this theorem. How far it is true? Where it is applicable? And if it’s a new discovery then why doesn’t she ever tried to publish it?

Terilisha Theorem Explained

Terilisha Theorem is a Mathematical theory discovered by Terilisha in her high school. However, nobody knows about the statement of this theorem because it has never been published anywhere. Probably, she doesn’t want to share it with people or no such theorem exist in real life.

What is Terilisha theorem

But her old social media post that she published back in 2014 says that she was a math geek. Now, maybe she is looking for some improvements in her theorem so that her work gets published in math books.

She has mentioned this theorem several times in the past but doesn’t get as much recognition as she is gaining today. She might be declared as the winner of the show very soon if she continues to entertaining viewers like this.

Who is Terilisha? Where is she from?

Terilisha is a 34-year-old songwriter, recording artist and actress from Dallas, Texas, USA. She also works as a full-time substitute teacher and her students calls her a cool teacher. Now, she is casting in the second season of Netflix’s social media-inspired reality competition series The Circle.

She explains herself as a smart cookie. Her entertainer’s profile states that she has double degree in science and Maths. Moreover, she revealed her zodiac sign as Leo and also reveals he mindset of not making friends on the show.

In the show and proving herself as one of the serious and intelligent competitor too. She shared a childhood memory in which she found an exotic Maths theory in her high school but she hasn’t issued it.

Sooner or later, the Texas born woman will bring out her thesis in a math book.

What do you think about the credibility of Terilisha theorem? Do you think she has invented a real theorem in her teenage or she was just bragging?

The Circle is streaming on Netflix.

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