Who is Andrea Valles from American Idol? Why was she wearing an Eye patch during her Audition? Eye Injury

American Idol contestant Andrea Valles is a 23-years-old singer who is going viral on the internet after she made her first appearance on the stage of American Idol wearing a bedazzled red eye patch on her left eye as she had undergone a retina detachment surgery.

Who is Andrea Valles from American Idol?

Andrea Valles is a 23-year-old female singer living in Houston, Texas inside the United States. However, she is originally from Venezuela as her family migrated to Salt Lake City before moving in Katy(a suburb of Houston) in 2014.

Andrea Valles American Idol

She started her journey in American Idol Season 19 with a song Landslide but failed to impress the judges especially Katy Perry. Later on, she sung Dance Monkey and this time she won the heart of judge Luke Bryan and become one of the favorite contestants of the show cracking a position in Top 24 contestants.

Andrea Valles Eye Surgery

Andrea Valles has undergone eye retina detachment surgery. According to medical specialists, it is an emergency situation in which a thin layer of retinal tissue at the back of the eye pulls away from its actual position. The consequences are blurred vision and flashed in your eyes.

Andrea Valles Eye Patch

Valles revealed about her eye surgery during an interview with her duet partner Brian McKnight. However, she hasn’t utter a word about how long she will wear this pirate path.

We wish her a speedy recovery! American Idol Season 19 is currently streaming on ABC Network.

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