Who is Calvin Upshaw from American Idol? Watch Audition

Calvin Upshaw was getting emotional on the set of American Idol Season 19 while receiving his Golden Ticket. A lot of talented singers come and go in the show but some stays forever in our heart as Calvin who gets his golden ticket by the vote and support of music industry forces & superstar judges Luke Bryan, Lionel Richie, and Katy Perry. Let’s find out who is he and why are fans saying that he doesn’t deserve golden ticket.

Who is Calvin Upshaw?

Calvin Upshaw is a 26-year-old man from Marks, Mississippi Delta. He works as a printer line manager in his hometown before joining the cast of American Idol Season 19. He also has a son named Calvin Jr. and wants to set his example in front of him. Upshaw is also imprisoned in the past and spent his time in jail bowing down to God but now he is living peacefully with his 8-years-old son.

Why Calvin Upshaw become emotional at American Idol Season 19?

Singer Calvin got emotional while performing on the reality show as the judges of the reality show gave him a huge “YES” for his audition and confirms his entry in Hollywood. Before performing, he shared some of his backstory that involved his past when he was imprisoned and looking forward for his son.

Fans are slamming Katy Perry and other judges by saying that he is not having a good voice but a sad story. The judges are tone deaf, one user wrote on Twitter while others are slamming by saying if Calvin enters into Hollywood then this will happen because of judges sympathy.

Most of the fans are emphasizing on Upshaw’s emotional part and the moment while he broke down into tears. Luke, Katy, and Lionel put their hands together and praised him hugely as his story is really inspiring.

American Idol Season 19 is streaming on the official website of ABC

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