Sniper Rogue Mission Filming Locations, Full Cast, Synopsis

Sniper Rogue Mission is a 2022 American action war movie directed, written and composed by Oliver Thompson. It serves as the ninth installment of the Sniper (film series) that began in 1993, the story was about a master Gunnery Sergeant Thomas Beckett and a pro sniper Richard who are sent on a mission to assassinate a Panamanian general.

It was a low budget film and the audience was not that huge in the first week but as the words of mouth began to spread, the movie attracted a loyal number of viewers that pushed the box office collection to $19 Million and this led to the renewal of the film for a sequel.

Since that time, a total of nine movies has been released and a tenth movie is still in development and is expected to come around 2024 inside the United States. The Sniper 9 movie is produced by Bay Dariz under Destination Films.

Where was Sniper Rogue Mission filmed?

Sniper Rogue Mission was filmed in and around Winnipeg, Selkirk, and Kingston city of Ontario, Canada. According to our sources, the filming began in Sep 2021 and wrapped up in October 2021 covering less than 6 weeks.

Where was Sniper Rogue Mission filmed

Even though, the film sets in the US like George and Tammy, the whole shooting took place in Canada especially inside the largest city of Canadian province Manitoba. Production camp was setup inside Winnipeg, Ryan Robbins shared on 18 Sep 2021 while the shooting was ongoing. Moreover, the actor captioned the post it’s an honor to be working with absolute legends.

Selkirk city seems to be a unique filming location because the place is rarely used for filming. But the production team traveled northeast of Winnipeg to film in the interlake region of Manitoba. The place is famous for Fort Maurepas, Red River, Water Aerodrome, and Fort Gibraltar.

Kingston Penitentiary located at 560 King Street West was utilized to shoot some important scenes like the fighting ones. The past of the Penitentiary is still remembered and that’s why this place has been transformed into a historical museum.

Full Cast of Sniper: Rogue Mission

Sniper Rogue Mission cast members include:

  • Chad Michael Collins as Brandon Beckett
  • Sayaka Akimoto as Lady Death
  • Brendan Sexton III as Gildie
  • Josh Brener as Intelligence Pete
  • Ryan Robbins as Zero
  • Toby Hughes as Simon
  • Adam Hurtig as Manny
  • Paula Potosky as Laura Lake
  • Dennis Haysbert as Gabriel Stone
  • David MacInnis as Rosie
  • Erik Athavale as Dax
  • Quinn Greene as Elevator Man
  • Bradley Sawatzky as Reception Cop
  • Paul Essiembre as Harvey Cusamano
  • Rawleigh Clements-Willis as Rawleigh
  • Lorrie Papadopoulos as Diner Patron / Passerby
  • Shannon Guile as Nurse Cam Girl
  • Cory Wojcik as Sidney Gorfein
  • Brittney Naslund as Kidnapped Woman
  • Solange Sookram as French Maid Cam Girl
  • Ayo Solanke as Droog #1
  • Kristen Sawatzky as Hostage Driver
  • Micaela Lozano as Assistant
  • Sydney Sabiston as Elevator Woman
  • Richard Dean Thomas as Droog #2
  • Jocelyn Hudon as Mary Jane
  • CindyMarie Small as Shelly Gorfein
  • Paul Andrich as Team B Leader

What is the story of Sniper Rogue Mission?

The movie is about a CIA rookie Brandon and an experienced sniper Richard who teams up to eliminate a corrupted federal general who is involved in the human trafficking racket This is the first mission of Agent Brandon and he wants to prove himself, he needs to work with his former Homeland Security Agent Zero and another female assassin lady Death to uncover the mysterious general so that CIA can execute the mastermind of the organization.

Sniper Rogue Mission was originally released on 16 Aug 2022 and recently dropped on Netflix on 1 Dec 2022.

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