Secrets of Sulphur springs Season 2 Release Date & Time, When will it premiere? Watch Disney+ Family Mystery Series Online, Renewal Status

Secrets of Sulphur Springs season 2 is one of the most-awaited family mystery TV Series that fans are waiting. The Disney Channel show recently concluded on Friday, 12 March 2021 with its 11th episode titled Time After Time. Although, the show has finished it’s first season, 6 to 11 years-old kids are now excited to see the upcoming seasons and experience the values that this show is highlighting as removing racism.

Secrets of Sulphur Springs season 2 Release Date: Renewal Status

The 2nd season for Secrets of Sulphur Springs will be released after it’s official renewal by Disney Channel. Mostly, it happens after 2-3 months of the launch. If the show is renewed this year for another season then we can expect Secrets of Sulphur Springs season 2 to be released in March 2022.

Season 1 premiered on 15th of January 2021 on the official Disney Channel and finally concluded on 12 March 2021 with a total of 11 episodes with an average time of 25 minutes. However, there is no official confirmation regarding its renewal status but we can expect another season as this show is really gaining popularity among kids and family show lovers and show makers will probably take care of their loyal viewers if everything seems right.


  • Preston as Griffin Campbell
  • Kyliegh Curran as Harper Dunn
  • Elle Graham as Savannah Dillon(the disappeared girl)
  • Josh Braaten as Ben Campbell
  • Kelly Frye as Sarah Campbell
  • Madeleine McGraw as Zoey Campbell
  • Landon Gordon as Wyatt Campbell
  • Diandra Lyle as Jess Dunn
  • Bryant Tardy as Topher

Secrets of Sulphur Springs Season 2 Plot

After his dad will get a brand new job, 12-year-old Griffin Campbell strikes into the closed down and dilapidated Tremont Hotel in Sulphur Springs, Louisiana which is supposedly haunted by Savannah Dillon, a camper on the Tremont Camp who disappeared thirty years in the past. With his new finest buddy Harper from his new college, Griffin discovers a portal which takes the 2 again in time 30 years to 1990, which they use to satisfy and discover out what occurred to Savannah Dillon. They attempt to save Savannah from disappearing.

Secrets of Sulphur Springs Season 2 plot

In the upcoming season, we can expect some new mysteries around their small town and they can open new doors of secrets as the name of this series. Moreover, we can expect to learn about the working of time-travelling radio and more about the flashback story of Griffin and Harper.

Secrets of Sulphur Springs season 1 is currently streaming on the official website of Disney Channel.

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14 thoughts on “Secrets of Sulphur springs Season 2 Release Date & Time, When will it premiere? Watch Disney+ Family Mystery Series Online, Renewal Status”

  1. I am looking forward for the secrets of sulphur springs I miss it so much they are like a family to me
    Hopefully I watch it on my birthday on Sunday July 25 on reruns

  2. My children and I are loving this show!! We have our pauses to discuss our theories, and then our “a-ha!” moments when we find out who was right. It is a tad scary for the littler ones (my 7yo ran for our bed instead of her own!), but so much fun she doesn’t want to stop watching it! We have all the great teaching moments about ghosts and time-travel being fiction (we’ll tell her they are hotly debated among fandom when she’s older! We’re using the “keep it simple” principle right now), and even the scary stuff just being special effects (we even discuss some of how they are done, since we know a little about that). It’s a great show. We hope it is renewed.

    • Yeah! I can feel that. Secrets of Sulphur Springs is like a family to all of us. It brings us together with children. I hope that the show-makers will read these comments and possibly renew this for another season.

  3. The best part is, we can all forget about it for a year so its fresh when we rewatch it with the new episode [s] This is one of my favorite shows on Disney+ so I hope they release more seasons.


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