No Escape Room Ending Explained | 2018 Netflix Cast & Filming Locations

No Escape Room is a mysterious horror movie that follows the story of a father and daughter trapped in an escape room the place they must evade the wrath of a harmful spirit. The setting of the room has an occult vibe that emanates from historic objects embedded within the surrounding. The film was originally released on 6 October 2018 and is gaining popularity recently due to it’s unsolved ending and recent release on Netflix on 18 February 2021.

No Escape Room Netflix Ending Explained

In the ending, Karen and Michael gets trapped in their car in an infinite loop of the escape room game where no one can escape. Karen seems to have grasp on the situation because she sense Deja vu but there is literally no escape as the exact working of the escape room and supernatural powers is still unknown.

Where was No Escape room filmed?

No Escape room was filmed in Vars, Ontario inside the Canada like most of the Hallmark movies and Los Angeles, California inside the USA. It was completed within 31 days and first premiered on 6 October 2018.


  • Jeni Ross as Karen
  • Kathryn Davis as Melanie
  • Mark Ghanime as Michael
  • Dennis Andres as Andrew
  • Jad Saikali as Rotting Corpse
  • Kate Hurman as Betsy
  • Hamza Haq as Tyler
  • Samantha Armory as Lady inside water
  • Brianna Barnes as Josie

Will there be No Escape Room sequel?

No Escape Room 2 will probably be released around 2022 as there is something more in the story. It was part of a 31 days of Halloween event on the Syfy channel and if the filmmakers follow the same criteria again then it’s sequel may release around 2022.

If a next part will release, it will be about showing the flashback scenes of the haunted house and will take you to the time when this house was built and the reason behind it’s haunting maybe covered in this sequel.

No Escape Room is currently streaming on Netflix since its release on 18th Feb 2021.

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