Sakamoto Days Chapter 7 Spoilers, Release Date, Countdown

Sakamoto Days Chapter 7 is delayed due to a jump break by anime-series makers. Many popular series like MY HERO ACADEMIA CHAPTER 297 also postponed for 2 weeks due to this jump break by animation creators.

When will Sakamoto Days Chapter 7 release?

Sakamoto Days Chapter 7 will be released on Sunday, 17 January 2021 on Viz Media. This action-comedy manga series is also available to stream on MangaPlus. Moreover, reading the official manga is free and if you read the series from their official websites and leave a review then it will help them to bring more animes.

Chapter 6 Recap

The story moves around Sakamoto who is feared by villains and loved by hitmen due to his skills and bold personality. But as the time passes his life changes and finally he falls in love and married the love of her life. Now, he has gained weight and becomes a chubby guy instead of the old and handsome guy.

But his enemies are everywhere and they are always keeping an eye on his family members. Now it is his duty to show them the ultimate and dangerous Sakamoto so that they will never try to harm him or his family.

Will he able to bring his old version back in the Sakamoto Days Chapter 7 or he remains the old fat guy?

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