Playing Cupid 2021 Filming Locations & Hallmark Movie Cast Details

Playing Cupid is a romantic comedy movie by Hallmark that moves around youthful hubris and romantic misunderstandings. The idea behind the film is inspired from a book of the same name written by Jenny Meyerhoff. If you are wondering about the filming locations and cast of this beautiful movie then read on till the end.

Where is Playing Cupid filmed?

Playing Cupid was filmed in Vancouver and Langley provinces of British Columbia inside Canada like many Hallmark films. The filming began on 16 November 2020 and completed within 3 weeks on 5 December 2020.

Vancouver is the place where most part of the movie was filmed. The place is really popular as it has witnessed various popular TV shows and films like Walking Dead, Firefly Lane, Resident Alien, Criminal Minds, Riverdale, To All the Boys 3, The Good Doctor etc.

Hallmark shared a video on their YouTube channel which is showing some behind the scenes events that happened on the filming location.

Hallmark Preview + Official Trailer

Playing Cupid Cast

Laura Vandervoot as Kerri Fox

Laura is playing the role of Kerri who falls in love with David in the Playing Cupid movie. You can also find her in TV shows like Smallville(Kara), Vandervoort, Jigsaw, Age of Dysphoria, Bitten(Elena), etc.

Nicholas Gonzalez as David

Nicholas is casting as the father of Mia in the film. He is a star actor who is known for doing various TV series as Pretty Little Liars(Detective Marco Furey), The Good Doctor(Dr. Neil Melendez), Narcos, Undressed, How to get away with Murder, Bordertown etc.

Mia Quaranta De La Rosa as Clara Martinez

Mia is in the cast of David’s daughter in the movie. This film is her first project but Nicholas Gonzalez trusts on her and told Media Village that she is a natural. The 12-year old actress is currently in middle school.

Ava Frica plays Alivia

Ava starring as Alivia. Her credits include Supergirl(a Martian child) and this is her second movie.

LaTonya Williams plays Marnie Rossmore

LaTonya is playing the role of Marnie. You have seen her in various Hallmark movies like A Gleenbrooke Christmas, Love on the Menu, Christmas at Holly Lodge, All of My Heart, etc.

Shadan Saul Guerrero plays Andrea

Shadan is playing the role of Andrea. You can find her in La Quinceañera(Mariachi singer), We Came From the Sea, With Massive Blood Drive, etc.

Aria DeMaris plays Eva Martinez

Aria is casting as Eva. Her credits include in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Altered Carbon, Lost in Space, The Bagley Boys, Christmas at Holly Ledge, etc.

Playing Cupid is streaming on Hallmark Channel now.

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