Does Lara Jean get into Stanford? To All The Boys 3 Plot Explained

To All The Boys 3 is finally streaming on Netflix on the occasion of Valentine’s day. To All the Boys Always and Forever is the third and final part of the teenage romantic drama series that moves around the story of young teenagers and their first thoughts when they go to college for the first time. Now, Lara Jean is one of the main protagonist of the college-drama and viewers are wondering if she get into Stanford because it is shown in the series. Let’s dive into details.

Does Lara Jean get into Stanford in To All the Boys: Always and Forever?

Lara Jean does not get into Stanford in To All The Boys 3 because gets rejected from the University. However, Peter Jean is the one who gets into Stanford on a lacrosse scholarship. Lara and Peter, both were planning to attend the Stanford University together but Peter Jean was accepted while Lara rejected.

Also, Lara first decided to take admission in UC Berkley which is just an hour away from Peter’s college because Berkeley and Stanford, both are located in the same state that is California. However, her final decision pulls her and Peter apart but she bears the pain by getting back together at the end of film.

In which college Lara Jean will take admission?

Lara Jean finally got admission into NYU after falling in love with the University on her school trip to New York. She saw many things that caught her attention like the calm environment, New York Public Library, Radio Music City Hall, Freedom Tower, and Chrysler Building.

Before ending up with NYU, Lara has tried California and Berkeley University too. Firstly, she lean towards Berkeley because it was closer to the University of love of her life but later she decided to take admission in NYU because of her strong feelings for NYC.

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