Parallel Mothers Filming Locations, Cast, Synopsis, Review

Parallel Mothers is a Spanish drama film directed, written and co-produced by Pedro Almodovar whose story follows two pregnant women that shares a bond of friendship during their delivery period despite having the major differences in their age. The movie has recently released inside US cinemas on 24 Dec 2021 after premiering in Spain on 8 Oct 2021. It has been distributed by Sony Pictures Entertainment worldwide so it might made its appearance on Netflix or HBO MAX in the near future.

Where was Parallel Mothers filmed?

Parallel Mothers movie was filmed inside Madrid, Spain. According to a report by ABC News, the original filming began on 12 March 2021 and wrapped up on 22 April 2021 covering almost one and a half month. Most of the filming took place at the locations of Plaza de las Comendadoras, Torremocha de Jarama and Torrelaguna.

Madrid is the capital city of Spain which also serves as a prominent filming location of iconic Netflix’s Spanish series Money Heist. Some scenes were also shot near Barceló Market, Ángel Sierra, and USRO Hotel located at Mejia Lequerica Street. Torrelaguna is known for its National Historic and Artistic sites. Where Your Heart Belongs location!

Behind The Scenes

Milena shared a picture of clapperboard in her hands, after the shooting wrapped on 22 April.

Parallel Mothers Cast

  • Penélope Cruz as Janis
  • Aitana Sánchez-Gijón as Teresa
  • Milena Smit as Ana
  • Rossy de Palma as Elena
  • Ainhoa Santamaría as Niñera
  • Julieta Serrano as Brígida
  • Pedro Casablanc as Padre de Ana (voice)
  • Julio Manrique as Jesús
  • Daniela Santiago as Modelo de la sesión de fotos
  • Inma Ochoa
  • Chema Adeva as Actor
  • Ana Peleteiro
  • Carmen Flores as Dolores
  • Adelfa Calvo as Sobrina de Brígida
  • Israel Elejalde as Arturo
  • Arantxa Aranguren
  • Trinidad Iglesias
  • Mar Vidal
  • José Javier Domínguez as Camarero


When two single women meets in a hospital room who are just going to give birth. One is young and carefree named Janis(Penelope) while the other woman is adolescent and really afraid to give birth. However, both of them manage to exchange their emotions to maintain a balance and achieve an equilibrium of feelings till the day of delivery.

Parallel Mothers plot synopsis

Parellel Mothers Review

The plot has deep lines and tackles beautiful topics that will take away your heart. Even though, the story appears to be a cliche at first sight, the screenplay is carefully written with lots of interesting twists. The cast members played their part well, Penelope’s performance deserves a thumps up when it comes to practice real facial expressions.

Parallel Mothers is currently streaming for Amazon Prime Video subscribers inside the United States.

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