Nancy Drew Season 3 Ep 4 Release Date, Countdown, Spoilers, Preview, Promo, Watch Online

Nancy Drew Season 3 Episode 4 will show the invasion of foreign forces that will turn normal humans into sleepwalking demons. The roads gonna filled up with Zombie like creatures and Nancy has to rethink about her last encounter with the killer. For those who are reading it for the first time, Nancy Drew is an American supernatural drama series based on the mystery novels by Edward Stratemeyer.

The supernatural series follow an 18-year old Nancy who finds herself involved in a ghostly mystery while she witness a murder along with her four friends. She decides to team up with her friends to find the real victim who is responsible behind the crime to remove her group from the circle of culprits.

Nancy Drew Season 3 Episode 4 Release Date and Where to Watch?

Nancy Drew Season 3 Episode 4 titled The Demon of Piper Beach is set to premiere on Friday, 29 Oct 2021 at 9:00-10:00 PM EDT on The CW and HBO MAX.

There will be a total of 13 episodes in this season that you can watch on Fubo TV, YouTube TV, Xifinity Stream, and DirecTV as live options. Each episode will be available to stream on The CW and HBO MAX with an average running time of 42 minutes. New episodes are airing on Fridays every week.

New episode release time will be different for distinct regions:

  • Pacific Time: 06:00 PM PT(October 29)
  • Central Time: 08:00 PM CT(October 29)
  • Eastern Time(Canada and United States): 09:00 PM EDT(October 29)
  • British Time: 02:00 AM BST(October 30)
  • Australian Time: 12:00 AM AEDT(October 30)

Nancy Drew Season 3 Episode 3 Recap

In the third episode of Nancy Drew Season 3, Nancy promised Laci to open an immigrant file who was wrongfully executed in the 1950s but in return she asked to look into the Frozen Hearts Killer once again.

Both the women reached at the crime scene and something strange happens when they opened the evidence box, the ghost of Joe starts to scream. Ace wants to gather some more info about the victim while Nancy has to say that the killer would be present in the guestlist for Detective Conan.

On the other hand, Ace confirmed that Laci’s grandmother was dating Joe during early days but things were taken an ugly turn after some weeks of falling in love that make it hard for the couple to stay together. Moreover, the ghost of Joe Kelsey was yelling in the Yiddish the he will never leave his sweetheart. Nancy reveals that the killer has threatened her to that something horrible will happen.

Nancy Drew Season 3 Episode 4 Spoilers

Episode 3 ended on a cliffhanger when Drew revealed the killer’s warning that something more dangerous is going to happen soon and she must be ready for it. However, Ace doesn’t believe in her at all and just listens her words in disbelief but he will probably confess his feelings for her later.

Nancy Drew season 3 episode 4 spoilers

In Nancy Drew S3 Ep 4, a supernatural threat will come into play that will transform common people into dangerous sleepwalkers who are dreaming of their most terrifying experiences. Nancy crew will come to rescue the infected people and begins to question if the Frozen Heart murder cases has been solved yet. Moreover, Nancy will open her feelings for Ace and George become shocked on receiving a friend request from unidentified person.

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