Legend of the White Dragon (2022) Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot Details

Legend of the White Dragon is an upcoming sci-fi action movie directed by American filmmaker Aaron Schoenke from the screenplay written by Alex Kellerman.

Aaron has also co-written the scripts for the film with Kellerman and produced the movie along with his father Sean Schoenke under Bat in the Sun Productions. Moreover, he is also starring as Dragon Prime, the villain of the film.

Ben Dukes is the co-producer while Chris Jay is the executive producer of this fanasy movie. The distribution network is still unknown but most likely, it will be picked up by Netflix after its theatrical run but when it release? Let’s discuss the details.

What is the release date of Legend of the White Dragon?

The truth is, no official release date has been announced for the Legend of the White Dragon movie but it is speculated to be release around 2023. Production of the movie began in May 2020 at the Hollywood, California and wrapped up in Sep 2021. So, there are high chances that the movie will come out soon.

What is the release date of Legend of the White Dragon movie

An Instagram account @lotwhitedragon (that seems to be the official IG account of the movie) shared the a photo of Rachele Brooke Smith on 8th of Nov 2022 and mentioned in the caption that they are excited to see her new character in the superhero film in 2023 while wishing her Happy Birthday.

Earlier on 6 May 2022, Jason David Frank fan page posted on Facebook that the White Dragon movie is coming out in 2023 but no exact date of release was mentioned.

Of course, the sudden demise of the lead actor will cause a shift in the launch date but most likely, we will be able to see the movie on silver screens in summer 2023.

Who’s in the cast of Legend of the White Dragon movie?

The late actor and MMA fighter Jason David Frank will be seen in the main role of Erik Reed or the White Dragon along with the Suicide Squad favorite Mayling NG in another titular role of Tek Boh. Other cast members of the White Dragon movie include:

  • Aaron Schoenke as Jai Katua/Dragon Prime
  • Chalet Lizette Brannan as Jade
  • Jenna Rae Frank as Ashley Reed
  • Ciarra Hanna as Vanessa
  • Andrew Bachelor as URI
  • Kevin Porter as Lighthouse
  • Cerina Vincent as Rebecca Reed
  • Rachelle Brooke Smith as Iris
  • Jason Faunt as Connor
  • Michael Madsen as Max Reed
  • Mark Dacascos as Xang

Official Trailer

An official trailer has been released by the production studio in Dec 2021 for LOT White Dragon movie. The trailer highlights the spectacular science fiction thriller scenes introducing the main villain Dragon Prime confronting our beloved hero White Dragon who seems to be losing his suit.

When Mayor is promising his citizens to bring Erik Reed to justice, Dragon Prime is creating havoc in the city with his team. Humans are facing the consequences for not bowing in front of Katua. Reed is also trapped in the hard-hitting series of attacks while Katua is burning someone alive.

What to expect from Legend of the White Dragon?

The movie sets in three years after when Erik Reed lost a colossal battle with Ashtagor that left the city heavily damaged and even the crystal from which he was summoned broke into two pieces. Instead of praising the man for his bravery, he was blamed for not being able to save the kingdom and the people made him a fugitive man.

Ignoring all the criticism, our hero goes in search of the people that are having a good history and teams up with them to fight a recently emerged monster seeking his revenge against the White Dragon aka our hero. The battle is not going to be easy as the villain is having a huge firepower by which he is burning all his opponents alive.

Moreover, Dragon Prime is having a similar suit like White Dragon but with he’s obsessed with power and can go to any extent to knock off the other Dragon suit owner.

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