Jack Harlow Height, Age, Parents, Instagram, Net Worth

Jackman Thomas Harlow aka Jack Harlow is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter from Louisville, Kentucky known for his popular soundtracks like Industry Baby, Dark Knight, Sundown, and Wasted Youth.

He is also the founder of a music collective, Private Garden but his actual recognition comes into play when his 2020 track “What’s Poppin” went viral and secured the second rank in Billboard Hot 100 and now Industry Baby with Lil Nas X that has become one of the most used song on Tiktok.

Jack Harlow Biography

Real NameJackman Thomas Harlow
Birthday13 March 1998
Age25 years (at present)
BirthplaceShelbyville, Kentucky
Zodiac SignPisces
RaceFrench and Irish
Height5’9”(180 in centimeters)
Weight75 Kgs
EducationAtherton High School
Relationship StatusSingle
Net Worth$4M – $5M
ParentsBrian(Father), Maggie(Mother)

How tall is Jack Harlow in feet?

Jack Harlow was 5 feet and 9 inches (180 cms) tall and weighed around 75 Kgs during 2020 but as the time passed by, his height increased and now, the rapper stands at a height of 6 feet and 3 inches (190 cms).

Jack Harlow Height
Jackson Harlow was 5 Feet and 9 inches tall (in 2020)

Even though, Jack had the height of an average American rapper during 2020, he’s grown much taller now. Just look at his photos with Lil Nas X in Industry Baby and you will notice that. Moreover, you can checkout his photo with Snoop Dogg (who’s 6’4) and look where Harlow stands.

Is Jack harlow 6’3?

Indeed, Harlow is 6’3 right now.

People are still confused about the height of Kentucky based rapper because when the rapper gets the breakthrough with What’s Poppin, he was not that tall. But now in 2023, the rapper surpassed so many big rappers in terms of height including Pitbull, T-Pain, Eminem, Tyga, Big Sean, Ludacris, etc.

The latest photo that reflects his actual height is this. He can be seen posing with Adam Levine who’s said to be 5 feet 9 inches and here is Jack!

Jack Harlow is taller than Adam Levine
Instagram: Jack Harlow (in 2023)

If you are still confused about Jack Harlow’s actual height then look out for the measurements of other famous rappers like Yung Miami, Denzel Curry, Young Thug, Megan Thee Stallion, Future, Blueface son, Travis Scott, Gunna, Rich The Kid, and Ski Mask The Slump Go. You need to compare their heights with Harlow and then, you will get an idea how tall he is, as compared to other rappers of the industry.

How old is Jack Harlow?

Jack is 25 years old (2 years older than Princess Mae) as he was born on 13 March 1998 in Shelbyville, Kentucky inside the United States. He celebrates his birthday every year on 13th of March.


His father’s name is Brian Harlow and his mother’s name is Maggie Payette Harlow. After 12 years of his birth, his family shifted to Louisville where this young kid started his music career.

How did Jackman Thomas Harlow become successful?

Jackman Thomas Harlow aka Jack Harlow has had a remarkable career trajectory! His single “What’s Poppin” achieved massive success on TikTok, and after a remix featuring DaBaby, Tory Lanez, and Lil Wayne, it skyrocketed to number two on the US Billboard Hot 100.

Jack Harlow net worth and career life

This earned him a Grammy Award nomination and propelled him to new heights – he was included on XXL Magazine’s 2020 Freshman Class, released his debut studio album, earned multiple award nominations, and even earned Variety’s Hitmaker of the Year title!

He started recording songs along with his friend using a Guitar Hero Mic and a laptop only. Jack was so enthusiastic that he even launched his first mixtape ‘Extra Credit’ in 2011 and the second one in November 2015 while completing high school.

Later on, he launched many mixtapes like Private Garden and Gazebo and signed DJ Drama and Generation in August 2018. Now, the recently released his single Whats Poppin on 21 January 2020 that proves to be a turning point in his life.

The soundtrack has got over 380 million views on Spotify and 100M+ YouTube views. The superhit Industry baby song with Lil Nas X is also added in the portfolio of this fan favorite rapper. Many things to come in the future.


The relationship status of Jack is still single, the rapper has recently confessed in an interview with Crystal Rosas that he hasn’t dated anyone in his whole life. Moreover, he shared that he has never fall in love with anyone and that’s why he is not a mingle.


Harlow was rumored to date TikTok star Addison Rae but later on Addison confirmed that she is also single amid rumors of dating Harlow. Rae was previously dating Bryce Hall but the relationship ended at the time of dating rumors with Jack.

So, fans were speculating that the two were dating but our man is still single like but that doesn’t mean he will always stay single. Let the man have some privacy for now. Who knows, if he become the boyfriend of Sabrina Carpenter in the coming year.


Our rapper is quite active on his official Instagram account. You can follow him and see his stuff by visiting the instagram ID mentioned below. Check him out to know about the best possible information about him because no one can told you better than the person himself.

Jackson Thomas Harlow Height on Instagram

Jack Harlow Net Worth

Jack Harlow’s net worth is estimated at around $4 Million as of 2023 and is counting due to his dedication towards generating insane music tracks and his marvelous rapping style. He is gaining popularity with his new tracks and keeps on improving himself everyday. No doubt, he will be one of the richest singers within next five years.

Is Harlow a Dad?

He does not have any children. But, he admitted he wants “eight daughters.” On the other hand, Erin Bradshaw from The Bradshaw Bunch has recently become mom.

Is Jack an only child?

No, he has a younger brother named Clayborn “Clay” Harlow. Who was born in the year 2000.

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