Is White House Plumbers based on a true story?

HBO’s new political drama series The White House Plumbers is topping the streaming charts since the premiere of first episode on 1 May 2023 on HBO.

Viewers are praising the show for its unique take on Watergate scandal, the mother of all scandals, and showing off the complex personalities of the masterminds that were involved in the biggest scandal of the US history.

It happened during the period of President Nixon and proved how independent is the justice department of US that served justice, doesn’t matter even if you are President of the United States, you are not above the federal law.

HBO is bringing lots of good true story based shows, the latest is Somebody Somewhere and if you are looking some other crime thriller then you will like to watch Love & Death that tells the story of a Texas woman who was murdered for being loyal to her husband.

Is The White House Plumbers based on a true story?

Yes, White House Plumbers is based on a real life political scandal that took place in the United States during 1970s.

It all began with a group of people who were working for President Nixon’s re-election campaign. Every presidential candidate has it. Right! So, what’s the big deal?

White House Plumbers true story featuring Woody Harrelson and Justin Theoux
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Actually, they installed some listening devices into the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate office building to spy on their rival politicians. The scam was named Watergate scandal, after all, it was a big mess.

The funny part is, President Nixon’s re-election campgain was called CREEP!!! Committee to Re-elect the President committee was caught red handedly by the authorities and when they were investigated by top journalists, they find the wires of the illegal activities were much deeper than they ever imagined.

But who were the plumbers?? The infamous covert operatives who were responsible for the break-in.

The reporters were presenting new evidences on live TV against the US president and the plumbers involved in the scandal. However, Nixon kept on denying the claims but the evidences were piling up leaving the POTUS under common people’s radar.

Finally, the rising tension among the US citizens and the White House forced President Richard Nixon to resign from his position in 1974. The biographical series of HBO shows the rise and fall of Richard Nixon, according to Folsom Cordova Unified School District.

This scandal opened the eyes of every US individual that they should fear from doing anything unethical as nobody is powerful than law, even the most powerful person of the world.

Who’s in the cast of White House Plumbers?

More power has been added to the show with the ensembling cast members that includes Nixon’s loyal henchmen HR Halderman who once said, “Once the toothpaste is out of the tube, it’s hard to get it back in.”

Other notable cast members of White House Plumbers includes:

  • Woody Harrelson as E Howard Hunt
  • Lena Headey as Dorothy Hunt
  • Domhall Gleeson as John Dean
  • Justin Theroux as G Gordon Liddy
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