Is the show Somebody Somewhere based on a true story?

Season 2 of fan’s favorite comedy drama series Somebody Somewhere has just been released on HBO MAX and fans are impressed with the phenomenal acting of Bridget Everett once again.

Bridgett, who is the main star and executive producer of the series has revealed that the show is based on some of her personal experiences and incorporate elements of her own perespective on things with a keen sense of humor.

The show has received generally positive reviews for the portrayal of a woman’s journey to find herself and the unique part about her story is how she see things and how she reacts to it.

Moreover, the show deals with heavy emotions like grief and mental health struggles that can be disturbing to some but if you love character driven stories then it’s a good show to watch.

About Somebody Somewhere

Created by Hannah Bos and Paul Thureen, the series stars Bridget Everett, a comedian, actress, and singer who has appeared in multiple films and television projects over the years, including Trainwreck and Inside Amy Schumer.

What is Somebody Somewhere series about
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She drew on her own life experiences to create the show, which is loosely based on her journey to find herself and make meaningful connections with others.

Shuli Harel has produced the series under The Mighty Mint, Duplass Brothers Productions, an independent film and television production company known for producing critically acclaimed HBO projects such as Room 104, and Togetherness and the hit true crime documentary Wild Wild Country.

Is the show Somebody Somewhere based on a true story?

Somebody Somewhere is partially based on true events and draws heavily from the life experiences of its creator and star, Bridget Everett.

Is the show Somebody Somewhere based on a true story
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The character she plays on the show, Sam, is a version of herself if she had never left Kansas, and the show’s depiction of grief and loss is based on Everett’s own experiences.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Everett stated that she wanted to explore how grief can isolate as well as connect people, and how music can be a powerful tool for healing.

It is a highly personal project for Bridget Everett, as many elements of the show are drawn directly from her life experiences. Like Everett, creators of the series, Bos and Thureen are also from the midwest, and they wanted to give an authentic feel to the show of their hometown.

The show explores themes such as family, identity, grief, and the power of music, which are all deeply personal to Everett. She also revealed that the character she plays on the show, Sam, is a version of herself if she had never left Kansas.

Where to watch Somebody Somewhere?

Somebody Somewhere series is available to stream on HBO Max inside the United States. The streaming service is available in the USA, certain parts of Europe, and Latin America.

The first season of the dramedy series aired on HBO on August 8, 2021 and consists of 8 episodes, each with a runtime of approximately 30 minutes. Now, a second season has begun airing on the same network on 23 April 2023 with the finale episode scheduled to air on 28 May 2023 along with Fatal Attraction, another popular dramedy series.

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