Is Wellspring DNA testing in Archive 81 real or fake?

Wellspring DNA is a part of Netflix’s latest thriller sci-fi TV series Archive 81 developed by Rebecca Sonnenshine. The story follows Dan Turner who is hired by an experimental corporation known as LMG to repair the damaged tapes that are holding ominous power within them. LMG has various plans to revolutionize the world and one of them is a genetics program to use the blood of current generation for the recreation of cult’s blood.

What is Wellspring?

Wellspring is a fictional company founded by Virgil Davenport in 2006 as the front of LMG, another higher organization in Archive 81 that has contributed in all the major industries with its well-researched products and services. It’s a defunct company that has shutdown due to its aggressive advertisements campaign that helped the researchers in collecting a heap of blood samples and reports of people for misuse.

Is Wellspring DNA testing real?

Wellspring DNA testing is purely fictional and has nothing to do with real life. The DNA testing process was introduced through a pre-existing Wellspring DNA commercial on Netflix highlighting the benefits of this technique. The filming for Archive 81 took place in a special place where only a few filmed shot that also adds a thrill to the series.

Wellspring DNA Testing in Archive 81

No doubt, Well Spring DNA testing will be a revolutionary invention that will allow individuals to send their DNA samples in order to find out that their ancestors are still alive or not. Also, people get to know where are their ancestors living.

You will be glad to hear that DNA testing kits are available in real life. Some medical companies offer paternity testing like Wellspring DNA kit where we can get detailed reports regarding our ancestry. The number of testers are increasing day by day making it easier for individuals to access their ancestors. You can also get your DNA indexed to find similar patterns and get added to database.

In case you are wondering where was the shooting of Archive 81 took place,

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