Is The Safe House worth watching? True Story Behind the Movie

The market of true crime thriller series is hot and all streaming networks are racing to become the best, Safe House is a 2012 action-packed thriller movie that follows a newly appointed CIA officer who is tasked to interrogate CIA’s most wanted rogue agent inside a safe house.

However, the house doesn’t seem to be safe anymore when it is taken under control by a group of mercenaries. Now, the two agents have to stay back from the bullets of gunmen to come out alive from the abandoned place.

With Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington in the lead roles, the film was a commericial success that made over $208 Million on box office under a budget of $85 Million. and become one of the highest grossing film of the year.

The thriller film was directed by Daniel Espionosa, written by David Guggenheim, produced by Scott Stuber, and edited by Richard Pearson who also won the ACE Eddie Award for Best Edited Feature Film – Dramatic.

Is The Safe House Based on a true story?

No, Safe House movie is not based on a true story but the character of Tobin Frost is somehow similar to a CIA agent named Aldrich Ames, who was active in the 60s.

Denzel Washington as Dobin Frost in Safe House movie true story
Denzel Washington as Tobin Frost

Even though, the film is an original work of David Guggenheim and most of the events depicted in the film are fictional. Let me tell you the real story of a CIA agent that resembles the plot.

The True Story that inspired Safe House

Aldrich was a real CIA agent who started working for the agency in late 1960s.

He was a talented guy who rose through the ranks quickly and eventually became the chief of the CIA’s Soviet division after 20 years of his remarkable service in the 80s.

Later on, it was discovered by the high ranking officers that he was secretly leaking the confidential information to the Soviet Union for years that has resulted into the murders of several CIA officers.

Ames was apprehended in 1994 by the justice department of the United States and pleaded guilty to espionage.

The US justice dept is so independent that it cannot spare even President. You might know about the Watergate scandal in which president Nixon was involved.

It was a huge spying scandal that shook off America, HBO has released a miniseries White House Plumbers that covers the matter.

Is Safe House worth watching?

Absolutely, if you are looking for fast-paced actions sequences then the stunning cinematography and standout performances of Denzel (Frost) and Ryan (Matt Weston) will completely blow your mind.

The film follows a former CIA agent who has gone rogue, and a rookie agent is tasked to keep an eye on him in Cape Town, South Africa. Washington has given his best as we can expect from him while Reynolds holds his own persona as the rookie CIA agent.

Moreover, the film’s loose adaptation from a true story makes it standout from general espionage drama movies that are purely fictional. It involves the story of a former CIA agent Aldrich Ames, who was involved in selling classified information to the USSR in late 1980s and early 90s until he was captured in 1994.

The film takes many liberties from the actual events by adding more thrilling scenes and drama but somehow the wires of this movie are related to the notorious traitor.

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