Is Ted Lasso a True Story? From Commercial to TV series

Created by Jason Sudeikis, the true story of Ted Lasso is getting popular day by day due to its relatable humor, positive approach of the protagonist in panic situations, and his heartwarming optimistic attitude. You can predict the popularity of this series with the fact that the show has topped the charts of the Apple TV plus. Many fans are wondering if the events shown in the series are happened in real life. Is Ted Lasso a true story or its just fictional? Let’s find out today.

The story of Ted Lasso is based on the same character that Sudeikis played in NBC Sports’ coverage of the premiere League that follows an American football coach from Kansas City who is hired to train a British soccer team but is it a real or true story. Let’s explore that.

Is Ted Lasso a True Story?

Donnie Campbell is the real life inspiration of Ted Lasso Apple Tv+ series
Jason Sudeikis and Donnie Campbell as his coach

Donnie Campbell is the real inspiration behind the creation of Ted Lasso. Jason Sudeikis played basketball for his coach Donnie Campbell during his school time in Shawnee Mission West High school, Kansas. When coach Donnie saw Jason’s fame then he noticed some pages of his own playbook. He become contended on learning that Jason’s show is touching the heights. Some other side stories are also inspired from true experiences of other co-creators Bill Lawrence, Joe Kelly, and Brendan Hunt.

Some says the character of Lasso was originally came out from an Amsterdam dressing room where Sudeikis and Brendan Hunt were performing with the comedy troupe boom Chicago. After Brenda swept out himself from the sports world, Jason bought a PS so that they can play FIFA before each comedy show.

Ted Lasso true story explained

There was a time when no American coach had managed to teach a team in Europe. In an attempt to make their country name, the duo decides to give an NFL coach a try. According to a report by LA Times, NBC Sports wasn’t sure if US audience will be interested in watching English Soccer. In 2012, Ted Lasso appeared as a soft-drawling American coach hired to train Tottenham Hotspur in an advertisement campaign of 4 minute and 41 seconds. This proves to be the founding stone of the most iconic sports series.

Ted become a superstar overnight but the NBC network didn’t show any interest in the character and retired after that commercial. However, Jason never give up and created a series that picked up by Apple TV plus. All these things made Ted Lasso a true leader.

Ted Lasso story is real and true

The first season appeared in Aug 2020 on Apple TV plus during the pandemic and entertained the viewers well with everything they needed and the second season came out in July 2021 still remaining on top on the Apple TV+ shows. Most of the viewers liked the show due to its originality. Are you a fan of Ted Lasso or Coach Beard? Whoever you like, the streaming network for Ted Lasso remains Apple TV plus. Now, you know that Ted Lasso is a true story.

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