Where to watch Solar Opposites?

Solar Opposites is an adult animated series by one of Rick and Morty creator Justin Rolland and Mike McMahan whose story follows an advanced family of aliens who are compelled to take refuge in middle America and argue about the experience as worst or amazing. The series has released two seasons so far, first one premiered in 8 May 2020 and the second one appeared on 26 March 2021. Fans are comparing the show with Rick and Morty’s humor and that’s natural because the show has been created by co-creator of Rick and Morty.

Does Netflix have Solar Opposites?

Unfortunately, Solar Opposites is not streaming in the giant library on Netflix right now but there are various similar animated series like Castlevania, Disenchantment, Bojack Horseman, Johny Test, Hoops, Young Justice on Netflix.

Is Solar Opposites on Amazon Prime?

Sadly, the adult animated series is not yet included in the current offerings of Prime Video subscription but you can rent or purchase season 1 from the same platform. There are some other animated series that you can access with an Amazon Prime subscription as Creative Galaxy, Ben 10 Alien Force, My Little Pony, Star Trek: Lower Decks, Fireman Sam, etc.

Where to stream Solar Opposites?

Solar Opposites is streaming exclusively on Hulu for its subscribers. Hulu offers a free 7-day trial for its first time subscribers so you can also watch the series for free if you are logging in for the first time. After the end of trial period, you need to take a monthly subscription of $6.99 per month.


At first when I review the plot I thought: “meh, an additional aliens on earth as foreigners making foolish monitorings regarding eathlings” thingy. Been there done that. Man … It is exceptional. Amusing, smart, multidimensional, very enjoyable storylines. Like Rick and Morty the first two seasons.

Solar Opposites Netflix

Developed by Justin, one part of the two creating team of Rick and Morty, it would certainly show up that he was the sole driving force behind Rick And Morty. Now that he left and created this show (just doing voice on RnM not writing any longer) RnM absolutely knocked into the ground. Even commercials on television are much better top quality, it is beyond dreadful in 5th period.

If you desire a high quality, amusing, amusing show with really entertaining storylines watch this. Keep viewing the worthless travesty Rick and Morty has become if you are a lamb that keeps viewing the same show and also rationalizing the decrease no matter what.

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