Is Night at the Museum 3 the last movie? Where can I watch all Night at the Museum 2022?

Night at the Museum: Kahmunrah rises again is a 2022 American animated film directed by Matt Danner from the screenplay of Ray DeLaurentis and William Schifrin. It is the fourth and first animated film in the Night at the Museum franchise that also serves as the direct sequel to the 2014 Secret of the Tomb movie.

The movie stars Joshua Bassett in the lead role of Nick Daley, a young man who is selected as the new guard of the museum but he has made a big mistake, he left the basement door open which is bringing an unwanted trouble to the world.

Shawn Levy has produced the movie under Walt Disney Pictures, 21 Laps Entertainment, Atomic Cartoons, and Alibaba Pictures while the international distribution rights are owned by Disney+ except China where the movie is distributed under Alibaba Pictures.

Is Night at the Museum 3 the last movie?

No, Night at the Museum 3 is not the last movie because a fourth film of the franchise has been announced and is set to premiere on 9 Dec 2022. Even though, Secret of the Tomb aka the 3rd movie was supposed to be the final installment of the franchise led by Ben Stiller till 2015.

Night At The Museum 4 where to watch
Walt Disney Pictures

In 2016, The Hollywood Reporter reported that Alibaba Pictures group was developing the remake of the 2014 film. Moreover, a television series was confirmed in 2018 by 20th Century Fox CEO Stacey Snider. In August 2019, Disney acquired the 21th Century Fox and the project was confirmed as a Disney plus exclusive firm but still it wasn’t announced that the project is a series or a feature film.

Finally, the clouds of uncertainty dispersed in Oct 2020 when the animated film under the title Kahmunrah Rises Again was confirmed to be in development. The plot was also announced, the story centers around the son of Larry this time who is hesitant to become like his father.

Where to watch Night at the Museum 4?

Night at the Museum: Kahmunrah Rises Again will be released on 9 Dec 2022 exclusively for Disney+(Raising Helen) subscribers inside inside the United States. The movie will be released throughout the world on the same day. It will begin premiering in the Chinese cinemas on the same day of its release in the USA.

All the four movies of Night at the Museum franchise are available for streaming on Disney+ except Battle of the Smithsonian which is available on Starz and DirecTV.

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