High Rise Invasion Ending Explained, Full Netflix Review, Will there be a season 2 for this anime?

Netflix’s High Rise Invasion is a psychological horror and survival sequence that follows highschool scholar Yuri Honjo (Suzie Yeung), who instantly finds herself trapped in a world stuffed with interconnected, sinister skyscrapers. With no technique to attain the bottom and masked deviants roaming round, her only guiding gentle is her brother Rika (Zeno Robinson), who she communicates with by way of cellphone.

When a “Mask” destroys her cellphone, she resolves she should discover Rika and keep away from being “pushed to the brink of despair,” because it seems the Masks aren’t all in favour of killing, however guaranteeing their victims commit suicide.

High Rise Invasion Anime Review 2021

High-Rise Invasion is a really satisfying journey that’s fortunately greater than the sum of its components. It’d be straightforward for this collection to coast on some creepy imagery and boatloads of violence, however there’s a extra intricate story that’s in play right here. It does give in to a few of its baser instincts at instances, however this primary season delicately builds a gripping mythology and strong basis to fall again on.

This is an anime with dozens of murders throughout its 12 episodes, heightened brainwashed assassins, and people who need to ascend to a stage of deity, but it surely’s actually about discovering independence in an oppressive world and the way the appropriate buddy can change somebody’s universe. High-Rise Invasion manages to make its gonzo homicide celebration by some means really feel relatable and spill simply as a lot empathy because it does viscera.

Ending Explained

At first it seems as if the target in High-Rise Invasion is moderately minimize and dry, however Yuri learns one thing radically completely different every time that she digs deeper into her environment or the murderous people who put on masks. The anime does an excellent job with the way it illustrates that the masked antagonists are victims in their very own methods and that there’s a good larger energy that’s utilizing everybody as instruments to satisfy a twisted recreation.

The problems and layers behind the brand new “realm” that Yuri is caught in are what give the anime such life and make it greater than some edgy hack-and-slash motion sequence.

Who are voice actors in High Rise Invasion?

  • Sniper Mask – Jonah Scott
  • Rika Honjo – Zeno Robinson
  • Kuon Shinzaki – Stephanie Sheh
    Yayoi Kusakabe – Cristina Vee
    Mamoru Aikawa – Johnny Yong Bosch

The protagonist Yuri Honjo, the excessive schoole4 combating masked killers in a world of excessive rise buildings, is voiced by Suzie Yeung in English and within the Japanese model, it’s Haruka Shiraishi who has given her voice to the identical character. Another fashionable voice actor hooked up to this anime is Jennie Kwan who’s voicing Mayuko Nise. Here’s an inventory of different English voice actors who’re part of the High rise invasion cast.

Will there be High-Rise Invasion Season 2? What will be the story?

High Rise Invasion Season 1 ends with Yuri and her allies’ securing a victory over the masks that Mamoru Aikawa sends. Yuri defeats Swimmer Mask earlier than sealing Great Angel’s talents. She then brings him beneath her management together with her newly-unlocked manipulation talents as a Closer to God.

On the opposite hand, Mamoru discovers that Reki and Yuri are siblings and manages to get an emotional response from the previous when Mamoru threatens the latter. In season 2, the seek for Yuri’s brother Reki will proceed. Yuri would possibly uncover new talents.

High Rise Invasion anime series is currently streaming on Netflix.

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