Grimgar Of Fantasy And Ash Season 2 Confirmed, Release Date, Countdown, Is Grimgar finished?

Seven years have been passed since the final episode aired and still, there are no signs of Grimgar Of Fantasy and Ash season 2. Fans are still hoping that a second season of Grimgar will be released someday.

Directed and written by Ryosuke Nakamura, Grimgar Of Fantasy and Ash is a dark fantasy anime whose story follows a group of people who gets transported in a fantasy world with no past memories. They are struggling to survive and become volunteer for solider job.

The anime television series has now become one of the most anticipated series of the isekai genre developed by A-1 Pictures, the studio behind Swords Art Online and Kaguya Sama. Let’s see if there is another season.

Will Grimgar get a season 2?

Despite receiving an enormous support from all corners of the world, first season of Grimgar wasn’t able to bring enough money on the table that could lead to a second season.

Will Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash season 2 happen
Courtsey of A-1 Studio

However, the light novel series is still ongoing and 19 books have been available. So, if you love the series, you can start reading the light novel right away. First season covered only first two volumes so, there is a lot of material left to adapt.

Grimgar Of Fantasy And Ash Season 2 Release Date

Even though, there is no official information regarding the renewal and cancellation of the series, we can expect Grimgar Of Fantasy And Ash Season 2 to be released sometime in the future.

If that’s gonna happen then the new season will also have 12 episodes with an average runtime of 23 minutes. The English dubbed version will be released on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Amazon Prime Video inside the United States.

Grimgar Of Fantasy and Ash season 2 release date

However, a second season is possible only, if A-1 Pictures will announce the renewal of the series in 2023, or if some other animation studio picks up the series for a second season like One Punch Man season 3, season 1 was created by Madhouse, second by JC Staff, third again Madhouse.

Season 1 premiered back in 2016 with 12 episodes along with a special episode.

What to expect from Grimgar Of Fantasy And Ash season 2?

The first season has covered roughly a couple of volumes of the original light novel series so the season 2 will adapt the story from the 3rd volume. We can expect to see the path of group, how they teleported to the land of Grimgar and how long they will stay there.

Are they gonna abandoned from their hometown forever? Haruhiro was guiding the group after goblins murdered Manato in the first season. In this season, no. of leaders might be increased as Mary filled the position of group’s new priest.

We get to see various flashback scenes featuring airplanes, smartphones, and other digital devices that unveil the journey of group. Likewise, Konosuba season 3, the players can choose their desired classes and clans to pass different challenges and won their desired prize.

However, the players need to fight individually to increase their XP, earning gold, and to increase the experience level.

About Grimgar Ashes and Illusions

The isekai anime TV series is based on the Japanse light novel series Hai to Gensō no Gurimugaru written by Ao Jumoji and illustrated by Eiri Shirai. Seven Seas Entertainment is the English manga and light novel publisher that produces high quality comics, Grimgar is one of them.

Grimgar Ashes and Illusions season 2
Courtsey of A-1 Studio

First volume was published in June 2013 by Overlap in Japan while J-Novel Club released the English version of the series digitally in the same year. A total of 19 volumes have been released under Overlap Bunko imprint and the light novel series is still ongoing.

A manga adaptation has been serialized by Mutsumi Okubashi, the serialization began in Gangan Joker in April 2015 that lasted until June 2016 releasing 3 volumes.

What do you think will happen in Grimgar Of Fantasy And Ash season 2? If you have just finished season 1, you can start reading light novel.

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