Rapper 6 Dogs Dead: Faygo Dreams Rapper passed away at 21

Before today, January 27, it was reported No Jumper podcast on Twitter the 21-year-old rapper 6 Dogs committed suicide. 6 Dogs’ reason for suicide has not been shown yet and lovers have been wondering why the reason.

The underdog rapper was well on his way to victory along with his super hit tunes Flossing and Faygo Dreams, which has over 100 million plays on Spotify. His lovers expressed despair and a few were in a state of disbelief, thinking what could have made him consider this action with such a thriving career beforehand.

Who was ‘Rapper 6 Dogs’?

Rapper 6 dogs was an Atlanta Rapper who is popularly known for his various songs, most famous Faygo Dreams that got hundreds of millions of streams. His real name was Chase Amick.

He started his music career when he was just 18 and because of his hard work and determination, one of his songs got viral on Soundcloud, YouTube, Spotify, and other streaming platforms.

What happened to Faygo Dreams Rapper?

Chase Amick was openly discussing his mental health issues and his struggle with depression. In a previous interview free of Jumper, he’d disclosed that depression was why he began rapping as a socket. He recalled his period as a lifeguard when he realized that he must do anything with his life.

The artist is also known for composing tunes on topics like mental health. Amick’s Apple Music bio reads “Rapper 6 Dogs attained internet fame in the late 2010s using a string of melodic tunes about suicide, depression, and other significant subjects.

” This rat race that all of us are in isn’t cool. This rat race that all of us are in isn’t cool. Some days I feel like a superhero that will take me around the world and some days I only beg na shout and stop. I know I am not alone. I understand a whole lot of people feel this way”

Rest in Peace 6 Dogs! You will be remembered forever.

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