Elisa Lam Reddit Theory explained, Is she died from Tuberculosis in Netflix’s Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel

Elima Lam mysterious death case is getting a lot of speculations everyday on social media platforms like she was having Tuberculosis, hallucinating, and even having bipolar disorder. Nobody knows how the 21-year-old Canadian tourist die in the Cecil hotel. What happened to her before getting into the 1000 gallon water tank? Let’s find out the reddit TB theory.

Elisa Lam Reddit Theory Explained

Elisa Lam reddit theory suggests that she was a test subject for testing some new Tuberculosis medications because in the 2013 there was a TB outbreak in downtown Los Angeles’s Skid Row especially homeless peoples. Also, she go through LAM-ELISA to test for the fatal disease but during her autopsy report nothing was clear if she had TB or not.

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However, this theory also puts light on the fact that the bizarre behavior of Elisa was a side-effect of taking anti-TB medication. Some theorists also suggest in Netflix documentary, Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel that she was fatally silenced because she knew too much at the popular TB Research center of Canada.

Does she died from Tuberculosis?

No! Elisa Lam’s autopsy report revealed that she was not having Tuberculosis at the time of her death. Instead, the report determined that she died of accidental drowning but nobody knows how she got herself into the drowning scene. So, how did Elisa Lam die and who found her body in the tank?

What is an ELISA-LAM Test?

The LAM-ELISA test stands for Lipoarabinomannan (LAM) Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA). It is used to detect Tuberculosis in children and was carried out in February 2013 while looking for 4,500 carriers of the deadly disease.

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Where is Elisa Lam family now?

Elisa Lam’s family include her father David Lam, mother Yinna Lam, and her sister Sarah. She was living happily with her family in Vancouver, British Columbia before planning a solo trip to American West Coast and ended up to Los Angeles in the late January 2013.

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She was calling home everyday since she reached at the Cecil hotel. But one day, she neither accepted nor rejected a call from her home. This was the day she went missing and parents were unaware of the reason and without wasting time parents reported her missing to the authorities.

On February 2019, her body was found in hotel’s water tank on roof and the autopsy report suggested the cause of her death was accidental drowning with bipolar disorder involvement. Then, her family filed a lawsuit on the hotel but that was a tragedy so LA Supreme Court dismissed the case. Today, the family prefers to stay away from the spotlight and no information about their location is revealed in the public.

What do you think about Elisa Lam Reddit Theory, is it correct or not?

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