Departure Season 3 Release Date, Countdown, Trailer, Where to stream?

Departure Season 3 is one of the awaited suspense TV series created by Vince Shiao whose story moves around a high profile crash investigator and a single mother Kendra Malley. The investigator’s duty is to unveil the actual truth behind man made disaster that has given the form of natural. First season of the Departure premiered on 10 July 2019 on Universal TV and the season 2 has released recently at Peacock on 5 August 2021 inside the United States. Now, fans are waiting for Departure season 3 air date.

When will season 3 of Departure Air on Peacock?

Departure season 3 is expected to be released around September 2022 if it has been renewed by Red Arrow Studios. It usually happens within 3 months of release so we have to wait till October to know about the actual renewal status of the TV show. This season might be having six episodes like the other two with an average running time of 45 minutes.

Who will return for cast in Departure season 3?

Most of all the main cast and crew will return to reprise their roles in the coming season with Archie Panjabi as TSIB investigator Kendra Malley, Kris Holden-Reid as Dom Hayes, Karen LeBlanc as Ellen Hunter, Mark Rendall as Theo, and Kelly McCormack as Charlotte. Christopher Plummer was passed away on 3 February 2021 and that’s why he is not between us today to play the role of Howard.

Departure season 3 release date and cast

What to expect from Departure season 3 Plot?

Each season of Departure brings the investigation of new calamity as in the first season, Kendra and his team was hired to investigate the mysterious disappearance of BGA 716 flight. Similarly, the season 2 follows Kendra recruitment to investigate the cause behind derailment of an experimental high-speed train that was going from Toronto to Chicago. The town was amused and shocked to face the calamitic events. Some people are under circle of suspicion as a disillusioned employee, anti-tech politician, a tech mogul who developed train’s software and his connections with a Mexican drug cartel.

In season 3, we can expect to see Kendra doing his job in US as a team with Ellen Hunter as she has teamed up with him in season 2. Howard’s health was deteriorating in the second season and the talented actor has recently passed away so we get to hear the sad news in the third season. On the other side, son of Kendra will be shown. There will be lots of thrill and suspense like House of Gucci.

What do you think will happen in Departure Season 3 right now? What new disaster investigation will begun in the upcoming season. A flight and a train crash has already been done so there might be another crash.

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