Cheer Up Episode 9 and 10 Delayed, Here’s New Release Date

Cheer Up Episode 9 and 10, which were originally scheduled to release on 31 and 1 Nov have been delayed for indefinite time. The kdrama TV series fans have been eagerly waiting to see the next episode of their favorite series right after finishing the 8th ep on 24 Oct 2022 on SBS TV.

It seems that a tragic incident has led to the cancellation of the show. A South Korean source reported that the upcoming episodes have been cancelled. The teen drama series was supposed to have 16 episodes in total but now, they are not releasing any more new episodes. Let’s find out the reason why was the episodes postponed and when can we expect to see the new ones.

Why was Cheer Up Episode 9 delayed?

Episode 9 and 10 of Cheer Up! have been delayed after the Itaewon Halloween crowd crush. The horric even happened on the night of 29 October when the little alley became a death trap. BBC interviewd a nearby shop owner who revealed that people were lining up for the restaurant and the place was too crowded.

Cheer Up episode 9 release date

The man also said that his shop was completely blocked at around 19:00 KST and he was worried about that uncomfortable situation that got worse within one hour when more people come out through the small place.

In the midst of national mourning atmosphere, the showrunners decide to postpone the telecast and Cheer Up! was not the first K-Drama that was canceled after this incident. Various entertainment shows and dramas were cancelled in the week to mourn the Itaewon tragedy.

Some of the cancellations include Street Man Fighter, Music Bank, The Show, and Workplace Romance.

When is Cheer Up Episode 9 Eng sub coming out?

Cheer Up Episode 9, which was planned to release on 7 Nov will now broadcast on 14 Nov 2022 at 10:00 PM KST on SBS TV inside South Korea. The English subbed version will be released on the same day on Rakuten inside the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

What will happen in the new episode of Cheer Up?

Episode 9 preview has been released by the original network and it is showing the bittersweet relationship of the two main cast members. Do Hae Yi can be seen taking a power nap near the lap of Park Jung Woo. The man is watching a sleeping Do Hae with some naughty thoughts in mind.

He wants to confess his romantic feelings for her but worried if he got a rejection. So, he continues to stare the sleeping girl with a warm and innocent face. Will he able to take his love talk to another level in Cheer Up Episode 9?

New episodes are airing on Mondays every week except Cheer Up ep 9 which is released on Tuesday because the time was conflicting with the baseball game. Episode 10 will come out on 14 Nov 2022 and the series will continue till the premiere of finale episode like Chucky series.

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