Where to watch Chucky TV series? Season 2 begins streaming

Chucky TV series is undoubtedly one of the greatest horror series of all time that has moved asses of the masses.

It is proved to be the most horrific characters of all time and that’s why creators are continuing its legacy by releasing new movies and TV shows once every three years.

The heartless serial killer was first seen as the antagonist of Child’s Play movie that was released back in 1988 and has become a classical character since then.

Most of all the killer doll movies are written by Don Mancini like the latest Chucky series that began airing in 2019.

A second season of the television series started airing on 5 Oct 2022 inside the United States but where you can watch the new season.

Let’s find out the streaming options to stream the series.

Is Chucky Season 2 streaming on Netflix?

No, the second season of the American slasher series is not yet started streaming on Netflix. The horror telelvision series is not included in the giant content library of the streaming giant because it’s a Universal Original Production and is available on NBCUniversal owned channel and OTT.

Is Chucky series streaming on Netflix

Instead of watching this, you can watch other horror shows like Midnight Mass, Two Sentence Horror Stories, Luckiest Girl Alive, Cabinet of Curiosities, The Midnight Club, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Locke and Key, Slasher, Marianne, Black Summer, Ratched, First Kill, etc. that are covered in Netflix subscription.

Is Chucky on Disney+?

Unfortunately, Chucky TV series is not included in the huge content library of Disney’s TV shows and movies because the network is known for its life-tranforming animated content.

Chucky TV series on Disney+

However, it is having some cult classic horror movies that will give you goosebumps and make your Halloween more satisfying like Smart House(1999), Hocus Pocus(1993), Maleficent(2019), Return from Witch Mountain(1978), Frankenweenie(2012), etc.

Where to watch Chucky TV series?

Chucky TV series is now streaming on Peacock inside the United States. The series is streaming for Peacock premium subsribers only. If you are having a premium plan of Peacock then you will be able to stream the series without any problem otherwise you need to take a subsription right now that costs around $4.99 per month.

Chucky TV series where to watch

Chucky Season 2 is also available for streaming on USA Network and Syfy channel (owned by NBCUniversal Television) on Wednesdays at 9:00 PM EDT. There will be a total of eight epsides and the season 2 finale episode will air on 23 Nov 2022.

Is there a way to watch Chucky for Free?

Currently, there is no way to watch any season of the Chucky series for Free. Peacock TV allows to stream some of its shows for free but if you want to stream those shows that are included in Peacock Premium then you need to take subsription.

Some shows and movies require subsription while others do not require any subsription. Chucky TV series is the example of one series that is covered in the Peacock Premium and that’s why it is streaming for subsribers only.

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