Where was ‘Bridge and Tunnel’ filmed? Filming Locations and Cast

Directed by Edward Burns, ‘Bridge and Tunnel’ is the story of 6 friends who return to their Long island hometown after graduating from college in the 80s. After 4 years of college, they are on their way to chase their big dreams in Manhattan. It seems like it is based on a true story due to its nostalgic theme in which people live in New York suburbs and travel to Manhattan for party purposes. Actually, it is not real but the filming location is the exact birthplace of the movie director.

Bridge and Tunnel Filming Locations

‘Bridge and Tunnel’ was filmed in Long Island, New York inside the United States. The shooting was started in September 2020 and completed in November 2020 in the suburbs of Long Island. However, this 3 month period was very challenging due to the Covid-19 pandemic and that’s why he needed to cut two episodes from the first season.

Long Island, New York

This place is so special as it is the hometown of film director Edward Fitzgerald Burns and also the six main characters are shown growing up on a residential street in Lynbrook, a village in Nassau.

The local bar which is shown in the movie is identified as Larry’s Pub. Some other places where you will find the characters chilling are Bay Park, village of valley stream, East Rockaway and West Valley stream Boulevard.

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  • Wass Stevens as Mr. Ross
  • Sam Vartholomeos as Jimmy
  • Isabella Farrell as Stacey
  • Caitlin Stasey as Jill
  • Gigi Zumbado as Tammy
  • Jan Luis Castellanos as Mikey
  • Brian Muller as Pags
  • Edward Burns as Artie
  • Erica Hernandez as Genie
  • Rebecca Gibel as Kitty Farrell
  • Barrett Wilbert Weed as Lizzie Pagnetti
  • Leslie Rodriguez Kritzer as Lana Shore
  • Domenico Del Glacco as Diner Cook


Bridge and Tunnel is a comedy series set around a group of college graduates who are going to Manhattan to pursue their big dreams. However, they are still clinging to the familiarity of their working-class hometown. The theme is nostalgic that will take you back to the 80s as the old folks.

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