Ben Lawson Dating History, Who is his wife Now?

Ben Lawson is a famous Australian actor known for doing various popular Netflix series like 13 Reasons Why, Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings, False Profits, Doubt, and recently in the cast of Firefly Lane that is gaining a huge fanbase since the release of first episode on the streaming platform.

Ben Lawson Dating History

Ben Lawson has dated two women in his lifetime and the name of those luckiest women are Melissa and Maile Mildrexler. Melissa was her first girlfriend with whom he met at a restaurant in Brisbane, Australia and Maile Mildrexler was his 2nd GF whom he met in Portland, US.

Ben Lawson Wife

After that, Ben Lawson was also seen dating Harriet Dyer but the Australian actor hasn’t said anything official on that. Even though, he was also quite on the other two relationhsips, it’s hard to believe that the handsome Aussie actor is still single.

Melissa Ben Relationship

Melissa was making money q while she was doing an article clerkship at London law firm. On the other hand, Ben had been kicked out from the University of Southern Queensland.

At the time of meeting Ben, Melissa was already having a boyfriend but she allowed him to stay with her.

Ben told her that he loved her and stayed for 4 months and then he was graduated from NIDA(National Institute of Dramatic Art). This was the end of this relationship and today, Melissa has kids and living happily with her family.

Ben Lawson Relationship with Harriet Dyer

Ben was also courting another Australian actress named Harriet Dyer before Maile but that scene didn’t get much attention as it lasted for a few months. Although, exact dates are not available, their romance might began in early 2015 and ended up later in the year in December.

Ben Lawson with Harriet Dyer

For those who don’t know, Harriet Dyer is an Australian actress, who is best known for starring in the television series Love Child (2014–2017) and No Activity (2015–2018).

She has also appeared in popular Aussie films such as The Invisible Man (2020), Killing Ground (2016), The Way We Weren’t (2019), etc.

Just like Melissa, Dyer is happily married with Patrick Brammall, and the couple has adopted a baby girl in 2021.

Who is Maile Mildrexler?

Maile Mildrexler belongs to Hawaii but she met Ben in Portland, Oregon in 2016 at the film set during the shooting of TV Show Grimm.

Later on, she moved to LA with Ben when her landlord sold her place. Their relationship lasts for almost 3 years and break-up in 2019.

Ben praises Mildrexler by saying that she is very kind and smart. Also, he calls her as the mother of his pet dog, Mochi.

Ben Lawson with Maile Mildrexler
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Who is Ben Lawson wife Now?

Ben Lawson has just started a new relationship with her girlfriend Eleonora Walczak, according to a recent report of JustJared. The couple was spotted at 2024 G’Day USA Arts Gala on Feb 1, 2024 at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles.

Ben Lawson with girlfriend Eleonora Walczak at 2024 G’Day USA Arts Gala

The actor also has a little puppy 🐶 whom he loves most as his brother Josh Lawson.

Since the Australian actor is currently dating Eleonora, she might also become future wife, but his current marital status is Unmarried.

Even though, some reports suggested that he was dating Melissa and Mailie at some point, the actor didn’t confirmed the rumors that time too. So, Ben has been single forever but not anymore.

Unlike, Sabrina Carpenter who is rumored to date multiple celebs, including Shawn Mendes.

Who is Eleonora Walczak?

Eleonora works in orthopaedic surgery, musculoskeletal reconstruction, and regenerative therapeutics. She’s a triathlete, free diver, and an NYC based artist, as per her social media profile.

Ben Lawson’s Acting Career

The actor began his career in Australia and appeared in a number of series including the long-running Australian soap opera “Neighbours”.

Ben often shares behind the scenes moments with the two beautiful actresses. Some fans are even speculating that Ben is dating Sarah after her separation with husband Jamie Afifi.

Who is Ben Lawson wife now
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Even though, the two lead characters of Firefly Lane are having a good chemistry together, we can’t confirm that they are dating each other.

In the United States, Ben Lawson rose to fame with his role of Benjamin in the TV series “Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23”, the show premiered between 2012-2013 on ABC and well received by audiences.

After that, he appeared in Covert Affairs, The Deep End, Designated Survivor, and the Netflix hit series Firefly Lane in which, he is starring in one of the lead roles with Canadian actress Sarah Chalke and Katherine Heigi.

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