Who is Sabrina Carpenter dating? Does she has a boyfriend?

Has Sabrina Carpenter got the one with whom she can open her heart and cry in his arms? Is there anyone with whom she can share her feelings that are troubling her from inside?

You might be wondering, why we are talking so much about her relationship status now. Well, that’s because, Cosmopolitan has recently published an article that says, the singer has been spotted multiple times with him.

Ready to dive into the wardrobe of Sabrina’s boyfriend? Let’s go.

Who is Sabrina Carpenter Dating now?

ET confirmed on 13 March 2023 that Sabrina Carpenter and Shawn Mendes are seeing each other, not dating. The article reveals that both of them are happy to hang out together.

Sabrina carpenter dating

In February 2023, they were seen at a birthday party and were looking cute together. Moreover, fans of Shawn spotted him wearing a necklace with Sabrina’s birthstone since the start of 2023.

Cosmopolitan also noted that Shawn was wearing that necklace to the Vanity Fair party under his sheer turtleneck. However, the fellow musician has made it clear that he’s not dating anyone right now while Sabrina’s response is awaited.

The actress is having 30 Million followers on Instagram with whom she recently shared her birthday party stories at NYC but her relationship status is still single.

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Sabrina Carpenter Dating Timeline

As far as her previous relationships have been concerned, she is rumored to date multiple actors but the one she actually confirmed courting is Disney star Bradley Steven Perry. She met Bradley in 2014 when she was 15 and continued the relationship till Dec 2015.

After that, Sabrina was rumored to date The Vamps singer Bradley Simpson in 2017 and rumors of dating Tall Girl co-star Corey Fogelmanis were started floating in 2018, and in 2019, another speculation of dating Griffin Gluck come into light, Sabrina denied all the speculations.

The life of Sabrina has been full of challenges. Whenever she goes out with some famous star or start seeing someone, the media started covering every single detail like what she was doing, was she holding hands, and how much time she spent with the other person leaving all the stuff aside.

Sabrina Carpenter dating Shawn Mendes
Sabrina with Joshua Bassett

Olivia Rodrigo released a single track ‘Driver License’ that might drew inspiration from Sabrina Carpenter and Joshua Bassett’s romance in 2021.

The rumors started in 2020 when the two were spotted walking togehter several times, Carpenter even starred in Joshua’s ‘Anyone Else’ song video.

In Sep 2022, Sabrina Carpenter and Dylan O’Brien were seen hanging out together New York Fashion Week but none of the starts confirmed the romance rumors like Veibae.

After a few days of cooling down the dating rumors with Dylan, she was spotted walking with Shawn Mendes and still fans are wondering if she’s dating the singer in 2023.

Also, Sabrina has recently released a song ‘that’s not how this works’ with Charlie Puth. You can’t believe fans speculations, they are even speculating that the actress is dating Charlie.

Is Sabrina Carpenter dating Charlie Puth
Sabrina with Charlie Puth

My simple question to those people is, Why should Charlie date another woman when he has already confirmed that he’s in a relationship with Left and Right singer Brooke Sansone?

Now, I am leaving it on you, it’s time for you to think whom is Sabrina dating right now.

What do you think is the truth? Are Sabrina Carpenter and Shawn Mendes actually single?

Was meeting at the birthday party, walking around LA together, appearing at Miley Cyrus’s album release together, were these just coincidences?

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