How to watch Barbie movie at home? Is the 2023 movie on HBO MAX?

For ’90s kids, the release of Barbie movie sounds like a dream come true. Don’t know how many of our childhood memories are attached to this film. There will hardly be any person who has never heard the name of Barbie doll in his childhood and continuing this tradition, this 2023 movie is also rocking the box office with another mind twisting film Oppenheimer. People are trending Barbenheimer on Twitter and Facebook as the double feature of Barbie and Oppenheimer. Fans are watching both the movies that are currently streaming inside the movie theaters but what about those who are waiting to see it online at home. Let’s find out!

About Barbie

Directed and co-written by Greta Grewig with her partner Noah Baumbach, Barbie is a 2023 comedy film based on the iconic fashion dolls of the same name manufactured by Mattel Inc.

Barbie Movie winning against Oppenheimer
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It is the first live-action film of the Barbie franchise and has made history as the biggest box office opening for a female director. The movie was first released at the Shrine Auditorium on 9 July 2023 and then released worldwide on 21 July 2023. The fantasy film stars Margot Robbie in the main role of Barbie with Ryan Gosling as Ken, the two are on a journey of self discovery while going through an existential crisis. David Heyman, Margot Robbie, Tom Ackerley, and Robbie Brenner have produced the film under Heyday Films, NB/GG Pictures, Mattel Films, and LuckyChap Entertainment Productions while the distribution is done by Warner Bros Pictures.

Is the movie Barbie on HBO MAX?

The Barbie movie will be released on MAX (formerly HBO MAX) as the film’s distribution rights are owned by Warner Bros that also owns the OTT. You will just need a MAX subscription to watch the film after its arrival.

Is Barbie movie on HBO MAX

Evil Dead Rise and Shazam! are the two recent WBD movies that began airing in cinemas after 63 and 67 days of their theatrical debut. If the movie follows a similar pattern then we can expect Barbie to be released in October 2023 for MAX subscribers inside the United States. The movie will also be released on VOD as Apple TV, Redbox, Amazon, AMC on Demand like Alice Darling movie but since that time, you can enjoy as much shows as you want inside the world cinemas.

Where to watch the Barbie movie?

The Barbie 2023 movie is currently streaming inside the movie theaters since its release on 21 July 2023. If you want to watch the movie right now then you need to visit the nearest theater where Barbie movie is streaming. You can also wait for the time when it’s DVD will be released on Amazon and Walmart but nobody knows how much time will it take to release digitally. Since there’s no digital release date for Barbie movie you can only pre-order it on Prime Video, iTunes, and some other VOD platforms.


The Barbie movie takes us to the Barbieland, a pink and happy world of dolls ruled by different kinds of Barbies, the world where all women are successful and self sufficient and their male counterparts Ken are involved in recreational activities at the beach. Basically, the plot focuses on the journey of a stereotypical Barbie who is starting to feel emotions after questioning about her morality during a party. She decides to visit the real human world to cure his disease and become perfect again.

Surprisingly, she is joined by Ken who is obsessed with her and wants to live with her with love. As Robbie’s character enters into the actual world, she discovers patriarchy and the importance of KEN in her life. Overall, the movie is funny, incredibly profound, immensely satisfying, and full of emotions. The portrayal of stereotypical Barbie from Margot Robbie is just amazing and Ryan Gosling is fantastic as Ken. That’s why, we are giving the Barbie movie, Ken out of Ten!

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