Animal Kingdom Season 5 Release Date on Netflix, Cast, Expected Plot

Animal Kingdom Season 5 give fans a sigh of relief as it is finally airing sometime in 2021 but no specific date has been given by the show makers and the production company. The American crime drama is developed by Jonathan Lisco and first premiered on 2016 on TNT, the original network. It follows the story of a 17-year-old boy Joshua who gives with his grandmother after the tragic death of his mother.

Animal Kingdom Season 5 Release Date and Time on Netflix

Animal Kingdom Season 5 will be released sometime in late 2021 on Netflix and TNT according to the official announcement by Shawn Hatosy on his Instagram. There will be a total of 11-13 episodes in this season with an average running time of 40 minutes. An official release date has not yet announced so nobody knows when will Season 5 of the Animal Kingdom release on Netflix but it is confirmed to air someday.

While the announcement of Season 5, TNT also renewed Animal Kingdom for another season and that means there is Animal Kingdom Season 6. S6 will be the finale of this popular TNT series.

Animal Kingdom Season 5 Cast

  • Finn Cole as Joshua ‘J’ Cody
  • Shawn Hatosy as Andrew
  • Jake Weary as Deran Cody
  • Ben Robson as Craig
  • Molly Gordon as Nicky Henry
  • Scott Speedman as Barry Brown
  • Carolina Guerra as Lucy

Animal Kingdom Season 5 Expected Plot

‘Animal Kingdom’ introduces audiences to the rough world of crime. He moves with his family, who pull him deeper into the criminal underworld. The season 5 of this gripping series will likely tie up all of the loose ends of their preceding seasons.

Animal Kingdom Season 5

Even the Cody brothers are very likely to rebound back together in their fallout which was due to Janine’s passing. As soon as they are together, there’ll be a power struggle between these. One of these is very likely to emerge as the new chief of this group. There’ll be an extra challenge to forge beyond alliances then. The forthcoming season will come with different intriguing answers, and lovers are certain to be amused by their preferred series.

What will happen in Animal Kingdom Season 5 as per your speculations? Smurf is already shot dead by Janine Cody in season 4 and probably this will be the great time for Cody Brothers to bounce back stronger.

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